Monday, September 27, 2010

My bucket list...

My niece Erin posted her's so I was thinking I have 20 minutes to kill...why not! And these are in random order...

1. take all my kids to Disneyland one more time
2. return to Yellowstone, missed a couple of things
3. lose the pounds I need to in order to be 'healthy'
4. visit Bryce Canyon, Yosemite, Craters of the Moon...this could get crazy long
5. go to the Olympics--yep I had a baby during 2002 Olympics, yes, I am unlucky with timing sometimes!
6. finish all the books I've started and read the Hunger Games series and Fablehaven series
7. travel Europe, I would love to see ALL of it
8. walk the Great Wall of China
9. visit the Holy Land before the end
10. visit South Africa, my dad's homeland
11. go on a mission with Tim
12. visit the church history sites again, it's been awhile and I think they've improved them
13. go to the beach in the southern USA
14. go on a cruise
15. stay a week on the beach again
16. visit New Zealand
17. learn to make Artisan bread
18. actually learn the piano
19. finish my yard landscaping
20. live long enough to enjoy my grandkids
new additions...
21. go snowboarding
22. climb Mt. Timpanogos
23. Visit the Cahokia Mounds

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4boyzmdmom said...

Great list! I'd like to do a lot of those things, too....