Sunday, September 19, 2010

Trying to catch up we go!

So I guess I'll just try to cover what I put in the photos to make sense of it all! But I will do so in reverse order...last week my friend Stephanie let me crash her picnic and apple picking. Our girls Gwen and Zoe are friends and in preschool together and the youngest. We are doing our best to do things with them since preschool is only Wednesdays. It was a great outing, she's the best! BYU football started up and Tim takes one kid (except Gwen and Zane)to a home game and me, each time otherwise he goes to his parents to watch the away games because we don't get those channels. Soccer has started back up but only Izak, Micah and Zane are playing this year--instead of the 6 oldest last year! Emily and Izak are refereeing soccer games as well. Micah and Izak are both doing competition which means 2 games a week is normal. Therefore they could not fit flag football in this year. Emily, Taran and Timo are playing flag football. Emily already had a game and she actually got a flag! Taran and Timo have their first game tomorrow-Monday. Labor day weekend we went to Tim's parents' for a potluck dinner and celebrate all the summer birthdays. Erick and Liz were down from Idaho so it was extra fun. Monday we were going to hike to Stewart Falls but the weather was very cool in the mountains so we chickened out! Owell... That afternoon we went to my brother Charl's for a end of summer BBQ and watched some of the Boise St. vs. Virginia Tech before we had to go home--school night! The Friday before Labor Day we went to Seven Peaks Waterslide Park. We ended up buying these amazing passes that last a year of admission at 7 peaks (next summer), and include 2 Trafalga places (min-golf, etc), Owlz baseball home games, Flash basketball home games! For our family it was quite a deal--if we only go to the water park 2 times next summer it will have paid for it! Actually we used that day so one more time! We had a great time there and are thrilled to go next summer! My mom celebrated her 70th birthday and Gwen and I took her out to lunch--my dad felt good enough to join in as well. She loved all the emails she got from family and friends--thanks! The Sunday before we celebrated at our house with all the family and that was fun. She picked the menu. Salmon yummm! I started helping out with a pair of twin 5 year olds (a boy and a girl)whose mother works as a nurse in labor and delivery. Another girl in our neighborhood is her regular babysitter and I do her on call and back her up. It's been nice because Gwen gets along great with them. It keeps her company. I took them to The Children's Discovery Gardens (Noah's Ark photo) and to Farm Country another week when they came. The Monday before school started I took the kids to the dollar movies to see The Karate Kid--the new version. We loved it. I think it's WAY better than the old version. I'm thinking this post is long enough. I want to post Yellowstone and Anna's wedding so I will try to add those this week. Have a great week!

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