Sunday, September 26, 2010

This week...yard sale extravaganza!

So I feel like I am starting to get into a groove of sorts. Last week was mostly spent in anticipation of THE YARD SALE for Taran's Chamber Choir fundraiser. We sent an eamil to the neighborhood--my friend Julie got everyones email about a year and a half ago so when we wanted mass communication everyone is on the list. She is careful of what is sent. Anyway we sent out that if people had stuff they were getting rid that we would take it off their hands to sell. This was over almost 3 months of collecting. I also got in touch with family close by for donations. Between it all Taran earned over a hundred dollars and his friend about the same. They split the stuff from the neighborhood. My living room was knee high in folded piles of clothing, sorted by gender etc. I thought once I should take a photo...owell too busy! Our garage was half full as well. By Friday afternoon I had everything tagged--price and name of kid getting money. We put Harry Potter on all the ones that were from the neighborhood. We borrowed 6 long tables from neighbors as well and put out all our wares--we definitely had the most organized and the most stuff as well! We also had 2 clothing hanging racks. Again I wish I had taken photos of the all the stuff we had! We filled our van with all the clothes--only the driver and passenger seats were available! We pulled a full trailer, and Taran's friend had a small truck they filled several times! I was hoping he'd make a hundred so I am thrilled. But exhausted! They are planning another and I thanks! It's nice to have our garage back! I tidied it so we could fit both vehicles back inside. I wish I could have REALLY cleaned it but the house needed some attention as well. We are so grateful for all the help though it was amazing!

Other tidbits...Zane and the kids started piano this week. This is Zane's first year learning and he giggled all the way to his teacher's house. He has practiced everyday but won't take any pointers from anyone so we'll see. I got to see Zane play Saturday in his soccer game--most of Micah and his games overlap and Tim coaches Zane's team so I take Micah and haven't seen him yet. Tim was helping with the yard sale clean up so I went to the game and he had his asst. coach do it instead!

Gwen has been riding her bike a lot and loving it--notice her flat tire in the collage!

Micah went to his friend Luke's birthday party--crazy scientist theme, very fun! He didn't have any soccer games this week because they had one for Saturday and it got rescheduled. That was a blessing!

Izak a lot fun this week because he got to go on the annual 5th grade Clear Creek Camp overnighter. He had a blast and was gone Thursday morning to Friday afternoon. Teachers and administrators go along and the boys and girls go separate days. I think it does a great job of bonding between students and with their teachers and administrators. He had a soccer game Saturday morning we missed because we were setting up the yard sale stuff--it was an early game a half hour away. It didn't help that they lost too. Owell. He and Emily refereed 2 games Saturday. Nice that they can earn money even though they don't exactly love it!

Emily found out she is in the school musical, You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, she is Truffles, a french girl Linus likes. She is thrilled. She also had parent teacher conferences and is doing great. Her flag football team lost again but she got the quarterback 'sacked' a couple of times.

Taran and Timo started their flag football season Monday. They are having fun even though they haven't won yet. Taran went to another concert Saturday night at UVU. Timo went to a surprise party for a friend--who is a girl and I heard he learned a new dance there! LOL. The high school had their parent teacher conferences but I didn't go since they are doing well and had no concerns. Timo will start the driving range in a week or so. WOW!

Tim spent most of Saturday at the yard sale except for the hour he mowed and showered. He took Emily to the BYU vs. Nevada game. They had fun despite the loss and found a great ice cream place in the mall after the game! Tim got a root canal Monday morning. He went to a choir tour meeting--there were two and I went to the other one.

Me, I started helping in Zane and Micah's classes Monday mornings. It was fun. Gwen went to my mom's--she picked up Gwen for me since Tim was busy at his root canal. I had scouts Monday we planned our camp out and had sundaes since 2 boys are moving on. I watched my friend's daughter Zoe on Tuesday while she went to the temple with her mom. I get to go this week! We are going to see if we can swing it every other week. I was able to get up at 5:30 am this week and exercise and read my scriptures. I also worked hard to get to bed earlier and I am working on my crankiness but I feel it getting better. I went to the A Capella Choir tour meeting. It is likely Taran will not go to this tour since NYC--Chamber Choir is a lot of money but he has more friends in the A Capella Choir so he somewhat motivated to do it. I expressed Taran's dilemma earning for both and she suggested pick the most important one and get all the money for it first--if he commits to the other and ends up short he'll be out of a lot of money and she didn't seem to think it would be a big problem to add him later. I hope he can do both--what a great experience! The other tour is going to a competition in San Francisco. They get to sing in this cool cathedral and stay at Fisherman's coming home for me. They would see Alcatraz and eat in Chinatown...wish we could afford it all. I love my kids having these great experiences when they are young. Especially since we will probably not make it to either place with them anytime soon. Gwen may be the one since our house will be paid off when she is about 12. I missed Women's Broadcast last night--both. I was originally going to go with my sister and mom to dinner and watch the broadcast. Then just dinner and watch the broadcast at home but I ended up with no sitters--Tim took Emily to the game, Timo and Taran had plans. I hope to watch it soon--I thought today but I spent a few hours on scout stuff today. More than I had planned. But necessary.

Have a great week as we start in to October Friday! And I am so looking forward to General Conference this week! YEAH!


Steph said...

Man you are a busy mama. Love it. Keep it up you cute thing!

4boyzmdmom said...

I love reading about your kids and all the activities. I am also trying to get up early, exercise, and not get crabby!!! Good for you; keep trying! I remember those 5th grade Clear Creek trips because my parents wouldn't let me go! :( I hope Taran can earn the money to go on both trips. We would love to have any of your kids visit here--we'd take them to see DC, Gettysburg, etc!