Sunday, October 3, 2010

Catching up at home...

After letting things go last week, basically just feeding everyone and making sure the dishes and clothes were clean I tried to get back on track. Well, it didn't happen until Friday! But that's okay. I helped in Zane and Micah's class Monday. They had piano after school. Later Taran and Timo had a flag football game, so I took everyone but Emily who had her flag football practice. We had a short family night after dinner. Tuesday Izak and Emily have piano before school. I was able to go to the temple since I trade with my friend Stephanie. That was nice and I am getting better at staying awake. When I went to get Gwen she and Zoe were in these cute Dalmatian costumes. Stephanie took some cute photos of them with her camera--this one I posted Emily took. Micah had a soccer game that night, Emily had flag football and Izak had soccer practice. Micah and Emily won their games. I tried to get some photos of Emily playing but they were too far away. I'll try again. I am impressed with how good she plays. Wednesday Gwen had preschool. As I was leaving my sister in-law Shellie showed up with this cute cupcake tier for my birthday! At our last family party we celebrated all the summer birthdays and she was misinformed on that and was working in the court out here so took the opportunity! It was so sweet of her and we have enjoyed them! I bought a cool red and white planter with a gift card she got me too! After that I took my friend Linda shopping--she's epileptic and is in chemo now for breast cancer. Yes, she keeps me grateful. She just wanted to get some things that she thought might sound good to her after her treatment Thursday morning. She is doing well and has only one more treatment to go! Yeah! I had Gwen's friends over after preschool I took them to the duck pond and boy were those ducks hungry! They ate all the old bread I brought. Sophie brought crackers too. We had a picnic and they ended up feeding the ducks some of that too! It was really fun and they played on the playground afterward.
That night Taran and Timo had another flag football game, Zane had soccer practice, Emily had play practice and YW early and I had the Court of Honor. So I drove around a lot getting people places. Teresa stopped by for a couple of things and helped me out by browning the meat for burritos. The Court of Honor was nice a quick--1/2 hour. It seems like I had something important to do when I got home but I don't remember what it was. Thursday I went to my mom's to help her paint her hallway. My brother painted her living room and entry and stairs but she hasn't had time to get to the hall. My dad's cousins are coming from South Africa next week so she felt like getting done in time for their arrival. Unfortunately this kind of thing sets my dad off even worse than usual and he is practically useless--he used paint stuff all the time for her. When I got to my mom's she said that the carpet cleaners called and she had written down the wrong day--she thought Friday! So we quickly got it done and just as we finished they showed up! Tim and I had taken the van for inspection and of course it had some issues--our year to stimulate the auto industry economy! We actually knew everything that would need fixing. So hopefully we get it done soon! So I took him down to the place to pick up the van and then we went back to my mom's and had Mexican take out on her deck while they started cleaning her carpets. I got home in time to change out of my paint clothes and pick up Timo to go to the orthodontist. Taran was home so he watched Gwen--yeah! Thursday night was Pack Meeting and Izak got his WEBELOS, yeah! It's kind of weird to think he will be in my scouts in less than 6 months! Micah got some awards too. Not sure what else I did after Pack Meeting. I have still been going to bed early and getting up early and exercising so I am sure I wasn't up too late. Friday I got into the groove and tore out all the garden except tomatoes since we are still getting some. I filled the rest of the garbage can with all that. I got 2 pumpkins despite all that was working to kill them off! We have had a warmer fall the last week than we had in June! I mopped the kitchen, entry and bathrooms upstairs, did laundry and made zucchini chocolate cake. Gwen helped me a little--she likes using the mop bucket part that squeezes out the water. She had borrowed the Princess and the Frog from my mom so she watched it while I finished up. So we are looking better around here but still have a ways to go. Friday afternoon I had my scout fall camp out. Tim got his flu shot at work and came home early so that helped me a lot! Micah had soccer practice and I got Emily a ride home from the neighbor whose son is in the musical with Emily. He made dinner (I had bought Totinos on sale), and took the kids Emily and younger to his parents for the BYU vs Utah State. BYU is hurting--Utah State hadn't beat them in 10 years! Taran and Timo opted out of the BYU game to go to the AF vs LP game at AF. Taran and Timo go to Lone Peak and they won. Much more fun to watch than BYU! The camp outs are always fun but we do A LOT. After setting up tents we have the older boys in the group teaching skills to the younger ones. We were rotating so only a few were getting taught at a time but some of the boys hadn't reviewed what they were teaching so we had to step in and do it. That was disappointing and made it slow and hard at first for the newer guys--until we helped. In the end it was good and the older boys were able to start remembering some things! We have the camp out in my co-scout leader's backyard and her husband set up his amazing telescope to see Jupiter! The boys enjoyed that too! I got home just before Tim and gang. Saturday I was up early and we made breakfast before everyone had to leave the camp out. We were done by 7:30 AM. Some boys had football or lacrosse games. So I was home by 7:45 AM because we had everything cleaned up. We had our neighborhood earthquake emergency practice at 8 AM. I am glad we do these so we get into the habit of what should be done instead of panic! We went over some first aid procedures and were done. They time us to see how long we take to check in as groups. I have a feeling this week was not our best time. We worked on chores until conference started then I sent the kids outside so I could listen! I told them they could stay, be quiet and listen or go outside. I know some people make their kids watch all the sessions but I feel like Saturday needs to be their choice--this is waht I told the kids that morning. Taran, Timo and Emily chose to watch the Saturday sessions. Loved conference--I so look forward to it! Zane had a soccer game in between the sessions Saturday. I was planning on going but my neighbor Melissa who moved to Boise for 2 years was down and stopped by on their way to his parents. We had a nice shat--she was checking out her house she is renting out. It was fun to see her and her family for a little they are coming back the end of the week to visit again. Izak and Emily had refereeing at 4 and 5 PM so I missed the end of Elder Scott's talk to get them there! Tim took Taran and Timo out to dinner before Priesthood Session and went to see it with Tim's dad and brother-in-law. They went to Tim's parents' after for ice cream. Meanwhile I had the kiddos at home and they had gotten their allowance so they wanted to see some stuff at Target--they get their fill of Walmart! So I picked up Emily and Izak and then we picked up Wendy's on our way to Target. Some were more successful in finding what they wanted than others! I was able to take some shirts back to Old Navy that Taran and Timo didn't want and pick something I found for Emily's birthday while she was in the car eating with the kids! They went straight to bed after that and I worked on putting my laundry away. Tim bought some of the MOTAB DVDs of their Christmas performances that we don't have and the one we went to last year with Natalie Cole. So we watched the one with Audra McDonald (Tony winner) and she is AMAZING! What sound, wow! I was so tired I wanted to get to bed early but I just kept liking the songs so I stayed through it all! Last night Gwen woke up 2 times so we were so tired this morning we did not get up early! We have enjoyed conference, Tim took the kids for walk in between sessions. Now they are getting dinner ready--we had a a lot of snacks so I am not dure how hungry anyone is really going to be! We usually get together with family over this weekend but my mom is trying to keep her house in order so she didn't want anything at her house and I feel like I am just getting things back together and didn't feel like I could do it today! You know when you say, I have done a lot this week (and last week) and I need to chill. That's how I felt. I also don't like being out late on a school night and we just have a hard time breaking away early so I felt this was best. I can only hope to finish the organizing and cleaning I have been able to do! Have a great week and happy October!

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Wow, sounds like you got a lot done! Good luck with the organizing...I have given up for now!!