Monday, July 21, 2008

This last week July 14th -20th

So I didn't get to this Sunday so we'll see how far I get this morning on the update. Last week Taran and Timo ran their soccer clinic at the park by the elementary school. This is how they earn money. They had a good experience and the kids who participated did too. Emily, Izak and Micah went. It's a great 2 hours of exercise. I bring popsicles over half-way through. Anyway, I hang around so I can be available. Timo and his friends (fellow scouters) weeded in the afternoon at the widows' in our neighborhood. They like it since they have so much fun together. After dinner we went to my parents' and we worked in their yard and then the kids swam. It was fun and they were grateful.

Tuesday Zane actually went to the summer dollar movie with his friends Katie and Sarah. It was Alvin and the Chipmunks. Our kids love that movie. He stayed over after at their house and played with another boy Jason who was visiting. He finally came home in the afternoon. I took Emily, Izak and Micah to the dentist right after lunch. So Timo stayed home with Gwen who was sleeping--I think he slept since he was out late playing night games the night before. Taran went to his friend Scott's and they do all sorts of stuff--Rockband, Weird Al movies . . . Timo's friend John got his teeth pulled so Timo and some of his friends got him some shaved ice that is all the rage right now--it's a new place in Alpine not far from here. Tim took them and tried it and he loved it too. We worked in the yard still doing what we can to get some of the rocks moved. I actually sprayed weeds and bugs around the yard.

Wednesday in the afternoon I went to the movie theater to get Timo and some of his friends tickets to see The Dark Knight opening day since the midnight show was sold out. I also ran errands since I was out. Taran and his friends hung around a bit. That night they had scouts, Timo didn't.So Tim and I went on a date. We went to Lowe's to check out a wheelbarrow. Our's needs to go to the dump. We ended not getting one since it was more than I wanted to spend. I had 2 giftcards but there were other things I wanted too--I was discouraged. So we borrowed my parents' wheelbarrow. Teresa left her truck at our house so we could get it. She and my parents went to Idaho for the Temple Open House in Twin Falls. That is were my mom grew up. She also took her cousin and her brother to it. They had a great time.

Thursday I am drawing a blank. I remember taking Taran and his friends to the movie theater at 8 PM, they were seeing The Dark Knight. They wanted to hang out before it started at midnight. They took turns standing in line and playing or getting food. Tim and one of the other dads, Duane, met them at 11 PM. Both Tim and Duane had meetings so they really couldn't go any earlier. But I doubt they would have gone that early. They got home just after 3 AM. They all really liked the movie.

Friday after lunch, I dropped Timo and his friends off at the theater (they were seeing The Dark Knight) and did some errands. Timo's friend Tommy's mom picked them up. I took the kids to swim at my mom's for a couple hours. I weighed myself at my mom's since I don't have a scale. I lost 6 ponds this last month. YIPPEE! Then we went home and Taran made them dinner while Tim and I went to dinner. We were going to try the new El Pollo Loco but it was still very crowded. So we ended up at Bajio's. It was good, of course, Tim gets the shrimp taco and I tried the fajitas. Something was wrong with the sweet rice for some reason but usually it is AMAZING! It was crunchy! Anyway we went back to Lowe's and got some recycled shredded rubber ground cover for around the trampoline. We also took back some stuff and had a treat at Cold Stone--Tim had a couple of leftover gift cards. I tried their sorbet, it was very good. Then we came home and worked in the yard until late.

Saturday I worked out with my friends--I did all week but Thursday. I still worked out at home that day. Saturday Taran had a scrimmage in American Fork but because it was their city celebration and the parade it was hard to get around so some his team didn't make it so in the end they didn't scrimmage. He and Tim came home and helped us work in the yard. After and hour the kids were tired of working in the yard so Taran took them in and they cleaned the house while Tim, Timo and I worked outside. Tim had some sprinklers that were too high so he had to dig below them. Timo and I were working on the sod that the cutter didn't get. The kids moved rocks. It's coming together. We went swimming at my mom's after that. Then we came back for more yard work. Tim also needed to take thank yous and choir reminders around. I helped him with that. Taran went to a dance that night. Tim picked him and his friends up. We saw the end of the American Fork fireworks from our window-- pretty cool. We can also see the Pleasant Grove ones too. Anyway between it all Tim and I watched August Rush while he ironed and I folded laundry. It was really interesting and enjoyable. My friend gave it to me for my birthday. Taran watched the end with us after the dance--we paused it while Tim picked them up.

Sunday Tim went hometeaching and had choir before church since they were singing. It was great. They did a great job even though they were missing a lot of people on vacation. Church was wonderful, we have some really inspired teachers. We talked about coping with death in Relief Society. It was very reassuring. I missed last Sunday because Micah was sick so it was great to be back. It charges me back up! Our hometeachers came over after church and brought cookies--YUM! Taran had presidency meeting. Then we went to my mom's for dinner. We had a great visit and the food was good. Amber showed us the girls dresses for her and Keith's reception. We talked about ties for the boys and men. Gwen mostly wanted to swing. So the kids pushed her on the swings. It was a good time!

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