Sunday, July 13, 2008

Busy week, what's new?

So what do you think of my slideshows? I am trying out the free Smilebox since I am looking for software that makes slideshows out of photos--this got the best free review but I don't think I can burn it to a CD or DVD. I really like the templates and ease of use! Anyway. . .

I already wrote about the sprinklers but I didn't write what else happened. Timo had to be to carpool for scout camp early Monday morning and Taran had soccer early as well. So Tim took Taran and I took Timo. I ended up working out at home yoga and my elliptical (I usually do everyday if not 2 times a day). Emily went to a movie with her friend Kassie inhonor of Kassie's birthday. They went and saw Kit Kittridge (An American Girl). They really liked it and then they went to ice cream at Maggie Moo's. Emily had a lot of fun.Taran's tummy strted hurting and he threw up about 11 PM. Luckily that was it for him and he was just weak the next day.

Tuesday morning Tim went to the dentist and then worked putting the main waterline on the sprinkler system. I worked out with my friends. I went out to my mom's in the afternoon and took all the kids but Taran. We went to Costco and bought drinks and ice cream novelties for the people coming to help on our sprinklers. The kids styed the night but my mom brought Gwen home. I need to get a good after photo since Tim mowed Saturday. I didn't get a photo of everyone that worked on it since I was trying to work and take photos too! The kids watched Nanny McPhee at my mom's and went swimming in the pool and hot tub.

Wednesday morning Tim went to work. I picked the kids up after I worked out. Taran and Gwen went with me to pick them up. We ate lunch, the kids swam before we got there. After lunch we went to Staples to help my sister who is a teacher get the one cent folders--you can only buy 10 at a time. After me and my kids went through with my mom we were done! We stopped at the scout store and got Izak as new book and got Taran the driver's manual from the DMV. He isn't super motivated on that yet! That night Tim came home sick but didn't throw up until that night. After I got the kids to bed I went out side and raked some of the rocks--mostly the front and put things away we couldn't see the night before in the dark. Tim didn't sleep well that night even though he only threw up once.

Thursday he stayed home and tried to work from home. He napped later since he was so exhausted. In the afternoon I started feeling yucky but never threw up. My mom felt bad too. Tim was able to tweak stuff on the sprinklers and get them working right. I did read a lot and I slept too. This was in between helping little people. I finished the General Conference issue of April 2008. I just loved it. I was sad I finished. I am so grateful for inspired church leaders who teach us as our Savior Jesus Christ would teach us. I am so grateful for the spirit that I feel as I read the talks. I have passed my copy on to our older boys. Emily made dinner so that was a huge blessing to me. Taran had a scout party, they watched Remember the Titans and had a lesson pertaining to it. He had a blast then they played night games afterward so he got home late.

Friday I felt better enough to work out and then I ran to the doctor's to get my lipids tested--you have to go fasting. Dumb me I left my keys in the car when I ran in and so my mom ran to Tim's work for me and got his key and brought to me! I am so lucky to have her, she offered. She was feeling okay until after she helped me then it came back and she went back to feeling bad. I got home in time to get the kids on task and make them lunch and then I hopped in the shower and met my friend from our Orem condo days, Cathy King. She lives in Highland and we still don't see each other. She is in school to become an RN and she has 6 kids! She is amazing in many ways. She is very talented. We had a great visit and I hope not the last for another 5 years! That afternoon my friend's son came over and the boys had a blast playing with him. The boys (and friends)have had a lot of Nerf wars this last week!
Taran made dinner then played night games that night. Tim and Rob (our Bishop) finished up the electrical by getting a hole drilled into the house to run the sprinker wire. It was done quickly.

Saturday morning the kids had a Primary activity, Pioneer Trek. They played games then we met up with them later to walk the trek. It was very cute and the kdis enjoyed it. They dressed up and we turned our wagon into a covered wagon. Timo was home from scout camp when we got home adn siad that he had a fabulous time! Tim took stuff to DI (like the Salvation Army) and recycle. He also returned stuff to the plumbing company about $100 in stuff he didn't need besides some extra sprinkler heads we didn't even pay for--50 or so! Those he just gave back of course. So we are FULLY automated! I took the kids and Emily's friend Madi to my mom's to swim so Tim could work from home. Taran and Timo stayed, Timo mostly slept! We went out to Chadder's (In and Out copycat). It was good and then ran to WlaMart. Timo lost his Nano cord in Idaho and Taran wanted a new basketball and I needed a couple of things too! Taran and his friends played balla until late and Timo actually hung out with us. We got stuff ready for Sunday and then Micah threw up. He threw up again later in the night so I stayed home today. Tim was sweet and cleaned it up with our Little Green Bissell a lifesaver with these kind of things! Tim went hometeaching this morning before church and Taran spoke in church. Everyone said that it was really good. I read it and I will post it if I remember! We had choir this afternoon. I kept Micah upstairs and there weren't any kids so hopefully we didn't pass it along! We had our devotional after dinner and Tim took the kids to his parents and I am blogging instead while Micah recovers. He watched Joseph King of Dreams by Dreamworks. It's a nice show.

I can't stop thinking about how grateful I am for these automatic sprinklers. I feel so blessed in so many ways. This was no coincidence that all this happened now. It would take too long to type the many miracles that went into it but I know Heavenly Father and our Savior love us and want the best for us and if we are patient and not to say I was completely but obedient doing our best they aremerciful. I don't deserve the help but I am extrememly grateful!!!


Cathy said...

Thanks for fitting me in during such a busy week! It was so fun chatting with you- you always make me feel like I can conquer the world!

Shellie said...

Hope all the barf is over and the sprinkler thing is cool, even without knowing the details.