Sunday, July 13, 2008


I realize that not everyone who may read my blog are Mormon, or in other words, belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. So you may find some of my jargon strange. I do have friends not of my faith who know the jargon because they know me and have learned it. If you have any questions about anything you can email me or go to It is a website created solely to answer questions about our church, no one will solicit you for anything. We do believe in sharing the message that Jesus Christ lives and that His church is restored on the earth today. We are in no way perfect but I feel most of us, as in ALL people "mormon" or not, are doing our best to be good people.


Shellie said...

If you want, feel free to put up a link to my big fat mormon terminology guide, it's on my sidebar.

RAQ said...

I did consider it! Thanks.

The Cranes said...

Glad you sent another e-mail since your first link didn't work for some reason. Welcome to the blogging world! We are excited to add you to our list. But, I have one complaint! What is that photo of me announcing my age to all of cyberspace about? I am still not feeling O.K. about that and was trying to lay low! :)