Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our Week

So I am going to see if I can write about this week here instead of an email! Here it goes!

Monday Tim and the kids returned from Idaho at 4 PM. I spent the morning getting some things set up for our yard. In the afternoon, Zane and Micah went to friends while Gwen slept that was nice. Tim vacuumed out the car rental and I drove it back because he had to get to Micah's baseball game (he plays coach pitch) at 5 PM. The car had to be back by closing at 6 PM. My mom met me there and gave me a ride back. I was pleasantly surprised that the internet code I found worked so the rental was $78! So I highly recommend AVIS car rental! That night, for family night, we watched Tim and I--our wedding video the one Tim made for our wedding luncheon. It was a lot of fun. Tim and Taran took treats to their hometeaching families. Tim had tried to get appointments but with their vacations and our schedule it didn't work out.

Tuesday I was able to return to working out since Tim was home. We had dentist day from 10:20 AM-2:30 PM. We had our check ups the week before so we were back for fillings. I was back for fixing something that is bothering me not a cavity. They were all small fillings mostly between the teeth so it was relatively inexpensive. Unfortunately, we still have one more trip coming but then we should be good to go for six months! That night Micah had baseball practice also involved Tim since he's the coach. I had started reading The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen and I was enjoying it. I also got my new vacuum--our 7th vacuum! We now have a budget category for vacuums so maybe we can buy the one we REALLY want! So far I like this inexpensive one from Hoover which got the best review for inexpensive uprights.

Wednesday I watched my friend Merrily's twins, Zane's friends: Katie and Sarah. They played well and then after lunch they played in our little pool which was leaking all over and also ran through the sprinklers. They had a lot of fun. Gwen, Emily and Izak joined in the fun as well. Merrily was able to finish painting her laundry room. It looks fabulous! Taran went swimming at the PG swimming pool with his friend Chad until almost 6 PM. Timo went to the creek with his friends.

Thursday was our anniversary. Taran and Timo went to the temple to do baptisms. My sister Teresa came over and watched the little kids so we could go to breakfast at the temple and then we did sealings. It was very nice. It's so peaceful and relaxing there! Tim ran errands when we got back. I piddled around at home. My sister and Mom took Emily, Izak, Micah and Zane to the Freedom Festival Colonial Village. They had a great time! They got yummy treats and fun stuff. Izak got a patriotic tie, Emily and Zane small furry animals and Micah picked Nachos. In the evening Tim and I went to dinner at Los Hermanos and we both got fajitas--he got shrimp and I got steak. We only ate half of it and had it for another day, yummy leftovers! We picked up some movies from Blockbuster on the way home. Izak went to a REAL Salt Lake soccer game with his friend Bryson while we were gone--it was set up before. When we got home we got the little kids to bed then Taran left for a party at his friend Breton's they made homemade ice cream so they went around asking for ice and we actually had a full bag in our freezer left over from the last time we made ice cream. Taran said that it was delicious. Timo came home from swimming while we were gone and went to his friend John's they all pitched in and bought pizza and hung out. We watched Stardust. It was weird but entertaining. There were a few parts I could have done without but otherwise good. Just as we ended the movie Izak got home--they stayed for some fireworks so it was late. He got car sick and threw up, lovely. So he showered while we did laundry and profusely apologized to our friends that took him!

Friday was the 4th and we had a neighborhood breakfast at 7:30 AM with a patriotic program. Tim took the kids while I stayed with Izak--I wanted to be certain it was car sickness. He ate breakfast and then slept a couple of hours. The breakfast lasted a while and some of the kids stayed behind to play. I was able to get stuff done for later in the day so it was just as well. We went to a park by my parents and it was a lot of fun. The little kids played on the playground and swings while Tim, Taran and Timo played tennis with Katie and Charl. Teresa also joined in and later Emily. Keith and some friends played volleyball there too. Amber came to watch. My mom came for a little bit then went home with Emily, Micah, Izak and Zane to play in her pool. It was cloudy and humid but when the sun came out it was HOT! I came later with Teresa, Gwen and Anders (nephew). My dad was filling the pools (my mom bought a little one that ended up having a hole in it). The kids had a blast even though it was cold and settled into the hot tub. Gwen loves the water so she was eager to get in the hot tub with them. We ate lunch and then we visited. Keith, Amber, Charl, Katie and Tim and the big boys came home and got into the pools and ate lunch too. It was a lot of fun and then we ate dinner later , a BBQ. We did our own little fireworks which was sometimes too scary for Anders and Gwen. When the kids were doing SNAPS Gwen was saying, "That's awesome! That's awesome!" She surprises us all the time what she says! We got home before it was too dark and the kids watched more fireworks from neighbors while Tim and I got ready to cut sod by marking cut lines in the grass. Then we got everyone to bed. It was a fun day! Side note Emily threw up that night but was fine later, we have no idea why.

Saturday Tim rented a sod cutter and cut it all out in a couple of hours then our neighbor borrowed it for a small patch. Tim returned it. Taran and I rolled and cut the sod and stacked it to move. Timo helped the little kids do their chores and they got done relatively quick. Emily went to see WALL E with her friends Madi and Kassi. Emily liked it more than she thought she would. After lunch Tim picked our neighbor/hometeacher's trailer and we loaded it up with the sod. Several kind neighbors and kids friends came over and helped. One was our busy bishop, what a sweet guy. My mom even came over after going to the temple and helped for a little bit. We didn't let anyone know we needed help--I didn't think it would be as much as there was. We still have a lot of sod but it looks good. Tim did the overall design. Taran and Timo accompanied Tim to the dump. They got back in time to go to the Pew family party at the Cranes--Tim's sister Amy's. We had pizza and presents for June and July birthdays and we visited with Tim's brother Erick and his family who were visiting from Idaho. It was really fun and everyone was so generous. The kids went to the park by their house to play so that was fun. Liz and Erin did a fireworks show for us which was fabulous! It's too bad Tim's mom wasn't feeling well so they left early. I remembered on our way home that Timo needed a lunch for scout camp on Monday morning so I ran to the store when we got home. Tim ironed after getting the kids to bed. I stayed up late trying to register Taran again for soccer. They lost it so I have to redo a ton and our printer is dying so it was tricky! I hope they don't lose it again!

Sunday morning Anna (Erick's daughter) came over to talk to a girl in our ward about Armenia. They seem to have. I am out of room so I'll say the rest of Sunday was great! Timo got ready for scout camp and Tim did interviews with some of the kids! Until later!

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