Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We have sprinklers. Our yard still needs some raking and tweaking. Monday we paid a guy to come trench. He was awesome! He got it all done in an hour. Tim dug all day for the Pressurized Irrigation stub or PI is what we call it. It was so hard to find he got very discouraged. My cousin stopped by on his way to an appointment in Cedar Hills and chatted and confirmed my thought that the yellow pipe was probably the gas line since the gas line was marked with yellow paint just above! Tim called the city and a guy came out and told him to try another spot but until our friend Kevin came over around 4:30 PM then they found it! I went shopping that afternoon for a little bit and got another pick-I broke our new one last year, a new shovel--I walked away with the wrong shovel after our service day at the creek and it's not as good. Anyway, that night we had the kids help us get rocks out of the trenches for Family night--fun well the little boys thought so! Timo is at scout camp this week so he's missing all the fun. Taran watched Gwen and eventually they were inside watching Water Horse which we had rented--they liked it. While we were out there neighbors ended up coming over and helping us too so that's why the kids escaped the work! It was fun to visit and work. Then today Tim worked on thing all day and around 5:45 PM men started showing up to help. We had about 25 men and a couple of boys who helped. So a lot got done and quickly most where home by 8 PM. It's so exciting! I am so grateful to Kevin who offered the help of the men of our neighborhood. His wife, Stephanie, my friend confessed she approached him with the idea of helping us. Tim had always wanted to just pay someone to do it but we always spent the money on other things. So we are so grateful to all our wonderful friends and neighbors who made this possible! I can't wait to start planting!


Shellie said...

You're lucky to have such great neighbors.

RAQ said...

I know! I was not surprised by the help but very grateful!