Sunday, May 2, 2010

A flood, winter returns and blessings...

It's late but just a quick word about this week. Our washer broke and flooded into our basement note pictures in the collage of the damage--not too bad. I got to go to the Tulip Festival with friends it was still amazing even though the weather was turning nasty...friends took all my laundry Tuesday and did for me! Such Christlike turned snowy and rainy all week...we canceled our camp out hopefully this week will be good weather...baptism of twin nephews Danilo and Diego another blessing and Micah's good friend Jack also got mom let me do more laundry at her house...more birthdays celebrated tonight...lots of fun and laughs more blessings...the parts to the washer are suppose to come tomorrow for our washer, cross our fingers! If not I know blessings will come from somewhere, they ALWAYS do!

PS Taran finally picked up his Prom pictures and they are in the collage.

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