Sunday, May 16, 2010

The winding down of the school year...

If you are like me, you are thinking May is as busy as December! We've started to hit the end of the year activities...and this week coming up is full of even more!

Monday: piano for Izak & Micah, scouts for me and Izak and Timo has been helping Izak's WEBELOS den, Family Night we worked on a family creed that we are going to repeat each day--we were inspired by a family in our neighborhood who has the most AWESOME cheer you would have to see to understand and I have wanted to do it ever since I learned the Scout Law so we are close to a final product but it will not be anything as amazing as theirs!

Tuesday: I ran errands that morning, Zane had soccer practice that night and I am not sure what else happened besides normal helping out

Wednesday: Gwen went to playgroup and her friend's mom took them to her parents' and their neighbors who all have animals including camels! She brought home her own egg! I mopped and dumped the water--which proved to be bad for my back, my visiting teachers came which is always nice! I had a scout committee meeting that night which was nice a short...

Thursday: I woke up in terrible pain in my back so Tim stayed home and helped me out. I stayed on a heating pad until I could get up, then once I felt good enough to get around I exercised and it helped a lot actually, Izak's class had a "Poetry in the Park" for parents so we went with Zane and Gwen and it was very cute, they had cookies and lemonade after for us too! Tim took Emily to piano, and did all the laundry and cleaning, although Gwen did help me unload the dishwasher when he was gone! Taran had his girls's team soccer practice and he had a City Youth Council Meeting. His friend is running for the mayor youth position and got him and his friends involved. Tim ran soccer practice for Taran and Timo's team since he's the coach but they both couldn't go--Timo's ankle is still bothering him. I picked up Emily and her friend from their soccer practice. Emily had a migraine and went to bed after some advil and a shower. Tim had training with the Stake Presidency with the whole Elder's Quorum Presidency. It went late. Timo was on his last legs of studying for his AP Geography test. He thinks he aced the essay but isn't so sure about the multiple choice.

Friday: I felt better and I used my brace to make sure I didn't tweak my back. Emily's class did a rocket launch--you can see her holding her rocket in the collage. Zane's class got to watch some of them! Zane's kindergarten teacher invited all the parents and siblings to the last 1/2 hour of kindergarten to see the classroom, etc. she had lots of cute things they could do. He was so excited to take Gwen around and introduce her to his school friends who don't know her. She loved it as well. After we had Marc( we have been trading all year Wednesdays and Fridays) so after lunch we went to the park and fed the ducks. It was windy so the air felt very cool off the water. I left my camera in the car so I took some photos with my phone but I am too lazy to go get it. I did take pictures as you can see of the park and the kids on the playground. It was more comfortable there and the kids had a lot of fun. My niece Holly came over to play while her mom took her brother for his check up then they hung out and played after. It was fun overall, Zane just gets super bossy with Anders and he's no weenie! That night was Emily's piano recital and the Father/Son Camp Out. My mom watched Gwen for me at her house and my dad came with Emily and I. Emily and the other students were very impressive. Emily did mess up at the end (not terribly but enough) which is disappointing but she can't be perfect at EVERYTHING! After we met up with my mom at Kneaders, a deli/bakery place. We had dinner and a dessert. Then we went home and watched Princess and the Frog and New in Town. We had already seen The Princess and the Frog but in the Theater around the holidays so Gwen enjoyed watching it again. Emily and I were entertained by New in Town. Although I wouldn't buy it. Tim and the boys enjoyed the camp out. Tim had 2 extra boys whose dad is in India for work stuff. Taran and Timo didn't spend the night--they got special permission to camp at our park since they were doing service in the morning there. They came home after the campfire program and night games. I found some jobs for Taran to apply for online so we were up until midnight working on that!

Saturday: I had to get up by 5:30 AM to get a breakfast casserole in the oven for the camp out breakfast so it would be ready by 7 AM. I woke up at 5 AM on my own and got going. At 8 AM we were starting a service project in honor of Scouting's 100 years in the USA. So we got super dirty, cleaning the creek that winds along the trail behind the homes in our neighborhood. This was a district sponsored conservation project so our whole city was up and working on projects all over. The cub scouts from our ward helped at the Elementary School spreading new bark on the playground. The plan was to that our projects would take 4 hours but we finished an hour or more sooner! Tim was worried about my back but I was fine! I am a little sore today. Micah had a soccer game right after and he scored in it. Zane had a game at the same time and he scored 2 goals and then Emily had a game later where she scored as well. Granny and Grandpa split up and one went to Znae's and one went to Micah's and that made them very happy! Timo spent most his day working a Spanish video for his Spanish 3 class. They are almost done! We ate outside since they were using our kitchen table for writing--Taran and I helped them translate some of their stuff. Tim and I went out to get a part for the toilet and a milkshake while Taran babysat. Emily went to a friend's to make cupcakes. They delivered them to people after. I got a licorice shake but it was weak, it should have had more flavoring, owell. The handle of the downstairs toilet broke off on Friday, now Tim has replaced everything inside the tank! So that was our date, we came home to Taran's friends eating our cereal. Apparently we are the only ones who have yummmy cereal! Boys! They left and hung somewhere else the rest of the night. Tim and I ironed and put laundry away while watching Ironman 1. I had forgotten a lot of that show! Emily watched it with us (on Clearplay) and fell asleep before it ended.

Sunday: It was ward conference and it was very good--at least the part I went to Sacrament Meeting. The theme was the Book of Mormon which I love! I substituted for the Primary Secretary since she just had a baby. I had to find subs which was awkward but in the end it all worked out. Tim is no longer the choir director so we had Manly choir for the last time here. They are singing next week and then it will be the new choir director's turn and she is fully capable! We enjoyed a nice devotional by Timo this afternoon. Tim is trying to get organized and I worked on scout stuff.

Have a great week! We have 10 days of school left! yeah!!!!

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I hope you survive those last busy, busy weeks! We are just getting into that stuff, too!