Friday, April 30, 2010

Freedom Friday

This is a great article, short and sweet so to say! I found on a website As A Mom...enjoy!

Natural Law and Natural Rights: The Basis of Freedom
Do you believe there is a Power higher than yourself and your Government? Do you believe that man is born FREE with the inalienable rights of life, liberty and property? Do you believe that the role of Government should be limited to the protection of these Natural Rights?

Or, do you believe Government is the Highest Power and has the ability to grant and revoke rights to individuals and to create arbitrary law?

I know it seems overly simple, but really understanding Natural Law and Natural Rights is just that - simple.

If you answered yes to the first set of questions, you believe in Natural Law - also known as Common Law or Scientific Law. Our Founders believed that the laws that should govern human beings are the same laws that govern the natural universe. Natural Law is based on fact and logic and contends that all men are created equal with no exemptions or special privileges. Natural Law is based on the 2 fundamental laws 1) do all you have a greed to do, and 2) do not encroach on other persons or their property.

In a society built on Natural Law, government should necessarily be very small and legislation should be bound to the 2 fundamental laws. With this foundation, the Law is solid, predictable and knowable and will therefore foster liberty and security while at the same time neutralizing political power. A society based on Natural Law will have a stable economic climate and will supply the perfect environment for advancement and prosperous growth.

On the other hand, societies built on Political Law - where the Government is the Highest Power and accountable to no one - will be ruled by whatever the power-holders decide. In a political environment, humans have only the rights which the people in power wish to grant, and they can be revoked at anytime. Political Law requires an enormous government. Laws change often, usually in response to political pressure or influence. Because there are no fundamental truths, and laws are arbitrary, the power-seekers will always find more power and the liberty and security of the society will always be under attack. In this type of political environment the economic health of the nation will swing wildly with booms and busts and redistribution of wealth is forced on the population destroying incentive to prosper.

Our great American Republic was built on Natural Law, yet over the years the heady power of Political Law has been creeping in and is destroying every facet of life for each of us. As American's become more aware of what the problems are and learn the basic principles that our country was founded upon, we will be able to make the changes necessary to restore the Republic.

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The Cranes said...

Very insightful. I hope she is right that, as a whole, we will figure things out and restore our republic.