Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sweet things...

Monday Gwen's buddy Max came over while his mom helped at the school. I had scouts that afternoon. Emily had taught the devotional on Sunday so she chose to have a lip sync for family night. Timo videotaped the groups: Emily and Gwen "Under the Sea", Taran, Izak, Micah and Zane "New Divide", Emily "The Climb" and Tim and I did a quick impromtu to "Celebration" that turned out pretty good. It was a little outside some of our comfort zones but it ended up good.

Tuesday I was suppose to help out in Zane's class but Gwen had woke up in the night with an ear infection--we didn't know why until I took her in to the doctor. She slept better each night since getting the antibiotics. Izak had scouts and babsketball. Emily had basketball. Tim and I dropped Emily and her friend off at practice and then we went on to BYU to see the New Shanghai Circus--WOW! Check them out on YouTube, amazing acrobats! It was a really fun date!

Wednesday Gwen's friends came over for playgroup and during that I tried to get Taran and Timo signed up for the local EFY. This is less expensive than the one they do at BYU yet it is the same curriculum and they sleep at home but spend each day with their groups. The computer system was a mess but with the help of my friend Julie I was able to do it. I made heart sugar cookies and the kids frosted their own. Emily had musical theater that afternoon. I also went shopping and got some stuff for Taran's big dance date Saturday.

Thursday I went with Taran to a meeting with his counselor to plan his schedule for next year. He has some big decisions to make. At least he will get into BYU and if he gets his ACT score up he will get somewhat of a scholarship too--he didn't study and got 28 so maybe he can improve with some practice studying. He has the possibility for other scholarships if he is willing to take AP stats and Chemistry next year so he needs to decide that. Emily had piano right after school and then once I got her home I walked over to the school for 4 parent-teacher conferences. Fortunately, the kids are doing well, there are some things we can work on of course but they all have As in everything, I am amazed! Then I chatted a bit with a friend and then we ate dinner quickly and ran off to Timo's last regular season JR Jazz Basketball game. It was fun until the end when the refs really let the other team beat up Timo's team--one ref admitted he was trying to even it up since Timo's team was killing the other team! But that is very dangerous! Timo almost got a concussion from a kid knocking him down. Luckily someone knew where there were ice packs. Taran and Timo had a ward ball game after and Tim had to coach. Timo didn't play until the end when he didn't feel like throwing up. Tim had a game later. It was a late night.

Friday the kids didn't have school so I got my crown put back on that morning, Tim worked in Salt Lake, I tried the temple but the wait was so long I went back later and got right in and out. Taran, Emily, Izak, Micah, Zane and Gwen and I went to the hospital to see my new nephew Tate, my brother Charl's newest addition--check out the little cutie in the collage! Isn't he sweet. The kids were thrilled to hold him. Katie looked well. Timo was dead asleep after the physical evening the night before. Taran finished his eagle project write up--it just needs some refineing but he delivered requests for letters of reccomendation around. O, PHEW! Taran went to Provo to play in a ward talent show with the 2 guys from his band that go to BYU. He said that they didn't have time to get the equipment all set up properly so they didn't sound as good as they had hoped. Tim took the others kids (minus Gwen) and some of their friends to a UTAH Flash basketball game--the kids had gotten a bunch of free tickets. I stayed with Gwen who wanted to read books and go to bed right away, so we did. I piddled around after I got her bed. I didn't get much done.

Saturday, was mild only Emily had a Jr Jazz Basketball game. We did the usual chores. Taran had his Sweetheart Dance date that started that afternoon. It's a Utah thing--I think, at least in California we didn't do that. Since Prom is just over a month away this is a casual dance. They decided to make pirate t-shirts, they also had skull material to make a sash, bandanas, eye patches and plastic gold earrings. They went to this theme restaurant called Pirate Island Pizza. They played arcade games and won prizes. The kids he went with opted out of eating there even though their food is suppose to be amazing--check out their website to see the cool theme inside! This place used to be an old movie theater. Some day we are going to check this place out! They went to the mall to eat since it had an eatery and it was close by. Meanwhile I went shopping with my sister in Salt Lake and Tim held down the fort. There were four extra little boys who played --Tim is such a trooper. We, my sister and I went down to Orem to buy some things since Tim was doing fine without me. We ended up at the mall. Guess who we saw as we entered the eatery? Yep, Taran and company. They looked really cute and I wish I had taken a photo of them with my camera/phone. They got pictures at the dance so I'll post those when I can. He and his friends had a really fun time. I am so glad he has good friends and good girls to date! Teresa finished out shopping experience at Walmart by our house! We had alot of success and fun on our trip. When I got home Timo and Emily were watching Ground Hog's Day the movie with Tim (he was manually editing for them). Crazy movie!

Today was church and it was very good. I am grateful for the strength I gain from my fellow church members and for their examples. It was a sweet week, lots of good things going on! Hope you've had your share of sweet successes!

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Wow--what a busy week!! I can't get the collage to load for some reason; maybe later I'll get to see it!