Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A book worth reading...

If you haven't read 3 Cups of Tea, you should start with that book first. This is a continuation of the story of Greg Mortensen who has been building schools in Pakistan and now Afghanistan through his non-profit Central Asia Institute. I think Stones into Schools is written much better--it flows better than 3 Cups but it's the amazing story of what one person can do. In Stones you read how his group of Pakistani guys who work for his non-profit have caught the vision and pursue amazing projects. These are in remote places that both Pakistan and Afghanistan governments are too overwhelmed with their own problems to consider. I could write an essay of the many valuable themes from what governments could incorporate into how they "help" the impoverished and uneducated to how these uneducated and impoverished people realize the education of their children esp their daughters will make the biggest difference in their communities. It is extremely inspiring on so many levels. I finally finished this book last week, not because it's not an easy read but because I am trying to be a responsible parent and only read when I am waiting somewhere--doctor's office, sports practices to get over...My daughter read the juvenile version of 3 Cups and that inspired her to collect for Pennies for Peace over Christmas. She plans on doing it every year. We got a cool magazine that shows what Central Asia Institute does with those donations. And it is promoting peace and you will see why when you read the books!

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