Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympics and a very stinky situation...

So tonight the Olympics are over. And I will get back to my schedule--it's very hard to get up at 5:30 AM when you go to bed after 11 PM! But I have thoroughly enjoyed and been inspired by the events. Notice in the collage that photo of Timo watching curling. Seriously you have to have the Olympic spirit to watch that JUST because it's the Olympics! Unfortunately, I did not ever see a special on what the rules are but I did see one on how they make the stones! I thought of looking it up but forgot. I included the photo of Timo because we have all have had not a lot of rest these past 2 weeks nor gotten much done. Except for Tim...our next story.

Poor Taran and Timo. Last fall I walked by their room and smelled mold. We figured out their bathroom shower had started leaking into their closet because some of the tile caulk had come off. Since we don't usually clean their tub we didn't notice esp since it was toward the bottom. So Tim fixed it and we removed the padding that was ruined but the drywall and carpet seemed to be fine. A couple of weeks ago we noticed or Timo noticed the their top shelf had mold. I checked the floor it was wet too. Come to find out we had major water damage from our upstairs shower/tub faucet in the Masterbath. Luckily, yesterday Tim finally had time to cut open the area--after many trips to get the proper tools. He figured it out after experimenting and we think it's fixed! Now we'll just need to re-drywall some parts and paint and get new carpet pad. Not as bad as it could have been, we are so relieved to figure it out. We also think that it might have been causing the paint and drywall to peel in the boys bathroom above their shower. Which we were going to try and fix but now that we think it's related we can let it dry out and have it all fixed together!

This week was also filled with scouts, basketball, homework...I took Timo to the doctor to make sure he didn't have an infection, he isn't 100% but the doctor said that it seemed viral and that he was probably slowly getting better. I am sure his sleeping habits haven't helped him get any better. Hopefully soon. He got lucky they canceled lacrosse practice the 2 days we had snow. I also went to the Jr High for Timo's parent teacher conf and that was fine. Gwen had playgroup here only one of her friends came but she had fun anyway. They had a tea party with water, popcorn, fruit snack and brownie bites. It's in the collage--they dressed up too. Taran got to go to the BYU vs San Diego St game and got a tour of the locker room, etc. for scouts Wednesday--sweet. Micah had a birthday party too this week, fun times. He also earned his Bobcat last Sunday so he got it at the Blue & Gold banquet. Izak got his religious square knot there too. Tim took me to see New Moon that night since we knew the big boys and Emily would not be available for us to go on a date this weekend. It was better than Twilight but I am just not sure on the hype except for maybe Jacob's abs! I was able to go to the temple in between things Friday. Timo got to go out to eat with his friend John and his parents Friday night, he thoroughly enjoyed that. After they (and some other friends) played basketball outside our house and then watched some of Brian Regan here too. Taran and band performed at a coffee house to raise money for a charity--our niece Erika who is going to Paul Mitchell helped organize it, invited them. Unfortunately their drummer couldn't come but Tim said that he thought it was alright--at least what he saw. Erika picked the guys up and Tim brought them home that night. Originally I was going to take them...Emily got to go to Idaho this weekend with my niece Erin because Erin's dad Erick is Captain Von Trapp in a Sound of Music. Maddie who is also Emily's age went with too. So far we have hardly heard from her so we think she is having a lot of fun! We are not surprised. TIm's dad was in the hospital for a little yesterday Tim went and helped give him a blessing. Hopefully the tests will be helpful but nothing serious! Church was good today except that I spent most of Sacrament meeting in the bathroom with Gwen. No she did not have the runs just not sure on those body signals yet! I missed the first 2 talks and part of the choir song: Come Thou Fount, which I really wanted so hear too! Owell...parenthood teaches patience, it demands it! Kind of funny. We also had a friend of Taran's who spoke who is going to Taiwan on his mission. It was very touching. Tim is off to home teach and then stake choir practice. He also has a regional sports meeting tonight.

Have a great week...March begins "in like a lion and out like a lamb"? We'll see. Here it's usually like a lion all month!

PS I put some photos in the collage of Zane with the different hats his teacher has them make in class--I swear he comes home with one every week!


andrea said...

Oh ugh! I hate water damage. I hope it's all fixed now. What a pain though!

I'm glad the Olympics are done. Love watching them, but I'm all winter-sported out for now.

Sounds like a typical busy week at your house. :) Can you believe it's March already? Almost time for soccer....

The Cranes said...

Sorry to hear the mold situation came back to haunt you again! Hope it is really fixed this time. Ugh!