Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Micah!

If you are on Facebook I tried to upload these same photos about 3 times and it failed each time so check it them out on my blog! Today our 5th child Micah turns 8! I had him during one of Apollo Ohno's qualifying heats! Yes, I remember that vividly! I had him about an hour after getting to the hospital. I think I posted the whole story last year so go there if you want to know more!

Micah is an interesting kid. He is super intense yet lots of fun and can be very funny. An example is he made up the word jibbers for when he is wacky and it totally expresses how he is! He can be extremely thoughtful, he prays for and fasts for people in and outside our family on his own. He is a good student,talented in piano and sports too. You can love him one minute and be completely beside yourself with anger at him the next--ask any sibling or Tim it's so true! But the bottom line is we love him. He adds a new dynamic to our family and as long as we can teach him to channel that intensity and talent in a positive direction he will achieve great things! Have a great day Micah!!!!

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