Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sledding, MOTAB ...


So we finally started getting some snow around here to replace the brown lawn. Now don't get me wrong, I don't LOVE the snow but I live in Utah so it's life. If I truly hated it enough I'd leave but for now the job is here and the grandparents so we weather the nasty weather with purpose! Sorry, I just get tired of hearing certain children say, "I hate the snow!" I told him, "you aren't allowed to say it until May!" It's Utah, get over it already! He may end up at BYU-Hawaii in the end. Anyway, the other kids were so excited to go sledding. Gwen was trooper walking back up the hill. If you notice in the pictures that there is grass showing only because SO many kids had been sldding already that day. We got dumped on Saturday night and today (Sunday) so they'll want to head out tomorrow after school! We were hoping to take the kids up to Temple Square in Salt Lake City after dinner tonight but the roads might have been scary so we stayed home and sang Christmas Carols and watched Mr. Krueger's Christmas.

Earlier in the week Tim took Timo and Taran and some friends to a Jazz basketball game they were playing the Orlando Magic. It was a late game but the Jazz pulled out a win but they got home really late so I guess it was worth it. Emily got to go help with Special Needs Mutual and saw Tim's cousin's son Stewart there! Small world. She talked to him and couldn't remember how she was related to him. Timo's js Jazz team won again.

I took Zane, Gwen and Zane's friend Mark to see some ice sculptures--only 2 were left! I was sick when they made them so I couldn't get there earlier. I bought them big gingerbread men cookies so that made up for it, I guess. The sculputres were very cool. Too bad I forgot to put them in the collage! We should have fed the ducks! Maybe this week.

Our lives have also been busy with Emily auditioning for Suessical jr and Gwen's dance practices for The Match Girl, Gwen's performance is Saturday night. I just hope she dances after all the time and money!

The highlight of our week was Tim and I went to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert with Natalie Cole and the guy who wrote 1776 and John Adams. It was incredible. The church lets everyone apply for tickets through a lottery and we happily got them! We took my parents since they took Emily and Tim last year and it could be my dad's last year he may feel like going. We left early and parked then found a burger place just blocks from the Conference Center so we ate there and walked down to the concert. The place was crowded since it was also a Jazz game vs. the Lakers and a Kurt Bestor Christmas concert too. Unfortunately part way there my dad fell--he slipped on some ice. He managed the rest of the night but was sore. Hopefully he's okay. It was a great concert and we had fun with my parents even though it took 45 minutes to get out of the parking garage. We listened to my mom's new CD of Susan Byle--wow! We got home late and the older kids were still up and had to fill us in on their night. They took the younger kids to our ward Christmas party at the church. They had fun but I guess Gwen was tired part way through and ready to go home.

Taran was on a school dodge ball team and had a lot of fun playing yesterday--it's a fundraiser tournament. They didn't do to well but they had fun anyway!

This week is full of more Christmas activities so it should be great fun!!! Hope your holidays are going well!
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Heidi said...

Wow!! I love the sledding pictures and Gwen couldn't be more adorable. I always marvel at how you keep everything going when there is so much going on. How lucky on the MOTAB tickets.

4boyzmdmom said...

We watched Mr. Krueger's Christmas last night, too!

Shellie said...

That concert sounds like it was cool!