Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day...


So Christmas Eve I mostly spent finishing up a book I made for my dad, which some of you knew I was doing. I had received some 'memories' from people the days before and I think maybe even one that morning! Anyway, it was a really great experience for me to read the stories of others and the impact my dad has had on them. Tim got to get the gorceries we needed to get through the next 2 days for sure. We decided ot have our simple 'Back to Bethlehem' feast on a blanket on our floor again since everyone liked it last year and wanted to make it our new tradition. My parents joined us last minute since all my other siblings had plans and they didn't want to be home alone all night. So after our meal of cheeses, summer sausage, crackers, dried fruits and fruit juice which was a nice change from the heavier foods of other dinners, we watched Joy to the World. It has the Nativity Story read from the scriptures and it has scenes acted out and music by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir as well. We hadn't seen it in a few years and it was a great part of our celebration. My parents left after the kids opened their pjs, our tradition on Christmas Eve. Then we did part of our service that we had been working on but I can not devulge more details. I will say that I was brought to tears by my kids and their generousity. It gave me great hope in what we teach them might be sinking in, a little! Then the 5 youngest wanted to go to bed right then when we got home! Gwen didn't want to join the other four in a 'sleepover' in the little boys' room so I put her to bed. Emily did join them. Taran and Timo hung out and watched Trapped in Paradise. I was cleaning the Emily's room--let's say organization is not one of her talents. It thought it would be a gift to her and me! She was appreciative but doesn't think she can keep it! Once the little kids were asleep Santa filled the stockings and put out the gifts. Santa had been very organized but it still took until 1 PM to go to bed!

The kids got us up at 7:20 AM, not too bad! They all seemed very happy with their gifts. It's a little harder for the teenagers to get excited these days about their own presents since they usually know what they are getting. But I think for the most part they still enjoyed themselves. We did not give the kids any presents except their pjs and saved that money for helping other projects in our community. We explained that to them and they seemed fine with it. They still got a gift from a sibling and one from each set of grandparents so they still got plenty in my eyes! Plus we got a family gift from Keith and Amber and Teresa--it wasn't her year but she can't help herself! My parents brought their presents over which saved us carting them around all day. We had brunch over there at 11 AM then opened gifts and visited. Then we went to Tim's parents in the afternoon. His sisters Shellie and Amy and their families (minus Juan who was on his way to Chile to see family there) were there too. It was great fun and if you look closely at the collage you will see Emily, Taran and Timo with quilts Tim's mom made them from scraps from their clothing she had made them when they were younger. Pretty awesome! I know that it doesn't mean as much to them right now (except Emily who loves hers) as it will later but I still think that they liked them in their own way. We ate lunch/dinner there. And had fun visiting and we watched the new Star Trek on BLU-RAY. Tim, Taran and I saw it last summer. Tim's dad got it as a gift and the other kids enjoyed watching it. Tim's parents gave all the families a trip to a place with cabins for a family reunion this summer! We are very excited about that gift, love memories more than stuff! So we had a great day and feel extremely blessed and loved.
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4boyzmdmom said...

Love, love, love the photo of the nativity scene with the "princesses" added in!! My boys loved their quilts; I was surprised at how much they meant to them. Sounds like your Christmas was wonderful!

4boyzmdmom said...

Oh, I forgot...I'm sorry I didn't send you anything for your dad's book. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to get to know him that well! I'm glad lots of people contributed, though, and that it meant so much to him.