Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holly's birthday, BYU vs. Oregon...


This collage shows somewhat our status the days leading up to Christmas Eve and Christmas. Last Sunday night we invited the Grandparents and my sister Teresa over for dinner and a talent share. All the kids participated but Gwen who was feeling shy and tired. Izak and Micah had both learned several Christmas Carols on the piano and we told their teacher she didn't need to plan a recital that we would just do this. Zane played Jingle Bells on the kazoo and that was the most entertaining. I will post the video sometime if I can get Tim to load it onto the computer for me!

Monday night we celebrated my niece Holly's 2nd birthday and did our Nativity with them too. It was very entertaining. My nephew Anders decided to be a leopard instead of a shepard with his costume. Gwen enjoyed being Mary. The adult males were putting together an electric fireplace for Charl while we did this.

Tuesday we got our promised snow storm. I helped in Zane's class party. Then I got mixed up with the time and missed Izak's. Owell, unfotunately Izak was worried about me and cried. I was at home oblivious. I took Timo Christmas shopping that afternoon luckily the storm wasn't too bad. Most of the kids went sledding that afternoon. That night we went to Tim's parents' to watch the BYU vs. Oregon St in the Las Vegas bowl. Tim made sugar cookie dough and so Shellie (his sister) helped the kids cut the cookies out. And the kids painted them--you mix food coloring with egg yolk. It was a fun diversion even though the game was fun to watch it kept the younger kids involved in something.

Wednesday I ran errands--I had to return some things before Christmas. The kids finished taking treats to their friends--well most of them. That night we went to my parents' for our annual Joseph Smith Birthday Party. My dad had wrote a short script about Him seeing Jesus Christ in the Kirtland Temple and receiving the keys from Moses, Elias and Elijah. It was a nice evening and the little kids were quite attentive. People sometimes think "mormons" worship Joseph Smith but we are just really grateful he restored the gospel of Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith is a modern day prophet who lets us know that Christ is real, he lives and he still talks to God's children through prophets today. And what a comfort that is to me during these challenging times!

I will post Christmas Eve and Christmas together.
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