Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009


So here is another collage! I love how easy it is to put a group of photos together, I just wish it would let me specify what photos I want in certain positions. One of the fun things for us, but maybe not for everyone is that most holidays include celebrating with both sides of the family since we have both parents around here and siblings as well. So this year was the year to be with Tim's side but we actually didn't celebrate until Friday since Tim's sister was involved in helping give dinner to those in need in her neighborhood. My parents and sister went on a little excursion to Daniel's Summit and didn't know if they would be back on Thanksgiving in time for dinner so they tentatively planned to go to one of my brother's (which they were able to do in the end). So we had a family meeting and got input on what to do. Some wanted to go to Golden Corral, another JCWs or In and Out (both are delicous hamburger places)and others suggested pizza. I suggested having steak, since we had done it one year in Chico where it's nice enough to BBQ in November! Pizza won out so that's what we did in the end. We decided to go totally low maintenance since we were eating pizza and I bought paper plates etc. It was a very relaxing day. All the kids and Tim (except for Gwen) went to the elementary school to play football, the annual neighborhood Turkey Bowl. Zane asked where the turkeys were when they got there. The little kids played a game and the men and teenagers played a game. I guess Emily was the only girl. Then they came home and watched football. Gwen mostly rode her bike and we did read some books, Thanksgiving ones besides her favorite Princess stories. Tim also had rented a bunch of movies so she watched Barbie and the 3 Musketeers. The kids also watched Sponge Bob Christmas, which they laughed a lot about! Tim took a break from football to put up the Christmas lights on the house. Besides pizza I did make pumpkin pie and Emily made a chocolate cream pie. After our pizza feast we watched Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs which had it's moments. I personally liked it more than number 2, I fell asleep in the theater watching it. After we got the little kids to bed Tim and I played In a Pickle with Taran and Emily. I am not sure if it was the game that was fun or just our funny personalities but we had a lot of laughs playing it. Timo was not willing to try it since he had heard it was a dumb game. Owell, his loss! Friday we got together with Tim's family for the official feast. It was delicious and we enjoyed playing some new games: Idiot and 6. Of course football was on the TV as well and the little kids watched Aladdin in the family room in the basement. The Emily and Maddie organized some other game for the kids around their age to play which they did for awhile. We also enjoyed listening to Jim Gaffigan and Brian Regan too, my cheeks hurt so bad after that! We also celebrated all the November birthdays which was fun and I'll include photos in the birthday collage I will do for Timo and Zane! We got home late as you can tell by the photo of Gwen asleep on the couch when it was time to leave! Not only were Tim's sisters and their families there but our niece from Idaho who is doing an intership with the Humanitarian Department at the church and our nephew from Texas who is at BYU. It was a great time and I am grateful we have such great gatherings without drama or weird stuff that sometimes happends! So thankful for these great people in my life!
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4boyzmdmom said...

I love the collages! Wish we could have been there!

julia said...

I'm very grateful that you always post these collages from the family gatherings. It's great to see a few glimpses of our son. Boy is he missed by the little boys around here!

RAQ said...

I bet! We enjoy having him at family things!