Friday, November 20, 2009

Freedom Friday

Okay people tomorrow they are voting on another health care reform bill. It's time to call your senators and let them know how you feel. No time to waste. Why do I think we shouldn't have these two reform bills (senate and congress)?

1. the cost

I am not just talking about the GUZILLIONS amount of money it is going to cost to fund these reforms. But the human cost. We can see it start already, for example this week: they are suggesting women under 50 NOT do self breast examinations and that women 40-50 not have routine mammograms. What in the !@#$ ???? I have 2 friends who were in their 30's who found their own breast cancer due to self examinations! This is just a small sample of things to come. And how are they are going to come up with the GUZILLIONS of money? Taxes, you say. WHO is going to have the money to tax? 250, 000 people lost their jobs last month. What taxes are they going to pay? I'm sorry but you can't count on money that just isn't there. They are going to HAVE to ration health care. This isn't a political party issue this is a people issue, we must all unite and let them know, no WAY!!!! If you don't want this we don't want it either!!!! We need reform that reforms and helps all the people.

2. constitutionality

I am NOT an expert by any means about the Constitution but I do know that health care is not a right nor is it a responsibility of the government according to our current Constitution. If you have read the bills being presented you will be required BY LAW to have health insurance. You will be illegal if you don't. That is unconstitutional. If we don't like our constitution let's change it but don't present a bill that is a waste of time and money. I have heard people (lawyers) are preparing to take the bills to court over it's Constitutionality.

3. practicality

In your heart you know there is no way the government could do a better job at handling our health care system than we have today. If you know anyone who uses Medicaid and Medicare they can tell you the run around and problems with it. These reforms don't take over the system at the get go but it is common knowledge they will bankrupt private health insurance companies making the government sponsored health insurance the only option and you can't opt out of that. We need health care reform but not this, it needs to be a patient centered reform.

I read about another reform bill by a congressman or senator from Florida who was a doctor for 25 years. He seems to be on the right track. I thought i'd book marked it so I'll have to find the link for you!

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4boyzmdmom said...

Very good points! I hope the majority of them see some sense today!