Sunday, November 22, 2009

Being Thankful...

for the beauty of nature. This collage is a compilation of places in Utah (mostly near our home) including my mom's yard! As you see I've included our ducks and geese we feed at a pond close by that we go to almost every week. If you look closely at the collage there is one I got when they were flying in when they knew where there to feed them, very cool! I just took that one on Friday. I took all the photos with my simple point and shoot and some day I hope to have a nice camera and learn to take the photos I imagine! (I wish I could place the photos in the collage--maybe you can but I haven't figured it out!).

We are so blessed because the world is a beautiful place. Yes, there are ugly and terrible places. But I know God's intent is for us to enjoy this world and to be good stewards of it. He loves us and intends for us to enjoy the diversity of not just the human race but this planet we live on. My photos are just of this desert state, Utah yet it has great beauty! You can see some of it's desert qualities in some of the photos but southern Utah has the beautiful redrock canyons.

We can all think of beautiful places we love where we live. I feel we should take advantage, take care of and appreciate the very best of where we live. That is being grateful.

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4boyzmdmom said... everything you said! Those photos make me feel a little "homesick" for Utah! But I love Maryland also, and I'm usually thankful every day for beautiful things I see here!