Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Zane!

As I mentioned last week on Timo's birthday that I wrote about their births last year so I will by pass that today and just talk about how our grumpy, old man is growing up! We call him that because he wasn't this jolly little guy. He is reserved in his affections and he can be downright grumpy! But he also is very sweet. He gives me hugs every day when he comes home or when I have been gone or Tim. He is a great big brother to Gwen. He is animated about what she is doing and is genuinely interested in her. He doesn't try to make her hug and she is very protective of him because his treatment of her! He is diligent in waiting to eat until we have prayed which he puts the rest of us to shame on that point! He also likes praying too. He loves super heroes and is starting to enjoy playing sports with his older brothers and going to sporting events. Soon he won't be a little kid. We are so glad he joined our family 6 years ago and hope he has many more years ahead with us!


The Cranes said...

Happy Birthday Zane!! We are glad he is a part of the family, too!

Shellie said...

Zane is great! Sure glad you have him!

4boyzmdmom said...

Happy Birthday to Zane! I wish we could get to know him better than we do now!