Thursday, July 23, 2009

What does the government do well?

I was posing this question to my husband...let's see...they lose my mail or take forever to deliver it (I know of a package that sat in another post office 45 minutes away for a week before it got to our mailbox), they have a ton of paperwork for me to do to get my money back--if I get any back (thank heaven's for tax software), the money I put into Social Security won't be there when I am old because they have stolen from it, my toilet clogs almost daily because it's suppose to be more 'green' therefore to code--sorry if you have to flush 5 times to get all the contents down I'm not saving any water!

So I pose this question because I hear people want them to take over the health care system we have. The government can not effectively run most of the agencies it has how in the !@#$ is it going to run health care? I have lived outside the US in a country that had socialized medicine. 3 weeks to see a doctor about a sinus infection, what? I get crabby if I have to wait until the afternoon! My husband lived in Finland, 3 months to see a doctor for a BLEEDING ulcer (not him a friend). Is this what we want? No thanks! I know the system needs REFORM, but it must come from OUR choices in health care.

So if you can shed some light on what the government does well and I don't mean screw up stuff--I know that. It screws stuff up because it is too big and too meddling it needs to step back and let us make our choices and let the pieces fall as they may. Unfortunately people want security over liberty and that security will end up taking away their liberty in the end and with it their security.


321forme said...

Ummmm, let me think. They make the White House lawn look really nice? I like the memorials in DC, other than that, I'm not coming up with much. The health care thing scares me to death.

Heidi said...

Good post! It leaves a lot to think about. I don't think I have an answer for you, I know that's pretty sad.

Shellie said...

This is why not only health care but every other government agency should just farm out their jobs to 2-3 private companies and let them compete for people's business. The US postal service would end up being the US postal service A and the US postal service B, and if B is better than A, they get more business and thus better pay. Soon they'd do as well as UPS or any other packaging company. With health care, I'm afraid insurance companies are already as bad as the government, so either way we're screwed.