Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th of July!


We had a great 4th of July. I meant to post some yesterday but got too busy. We had breakfast at my mom's with all my siblings and their families. It was yummy. We had whole wheat waffles with fresh strawberries or raspberries and whipped cream, hashbrowns, sausage, bacon, donuts, juice and chocolate milk. Then the kids and the dads got in their swim suits and they played in the pool with an inflatable canoe my dad has. It was quite fun for the kids to be pushed around in it and knocked into the water at time! Thanks Uncle Charl and Uncle Keith! They also had fun in the hot tub as well. Timo ended up taking a nap--I missed the photo opportunity. Taran hurt his big toe on Friday at a place that has a room full of trampolines, called Jump on it! He went for his friend Breton's birthday. He kept his foot up all day--notice all 2 pictures of him in the collage. We left around noon for home since Timo still needed to get somethings ready for scout camp this Monday. We went to Cabella's and Walmart and I think we got it all finally. Tim and I went to the house that Keith and his wife Amber are in the process of buying. It's only about 10 minutes away. It needs some work for sure but it has some neat things about it too. When we came home I tried to have a little nap since I knew I was going to be up late. After several interruptions I decided to make dinner. We BBQed hot dogs and hamburgers, watermelon and chips. I kept it simple in case Tim ended up doing it alone. They had ice cream after Emily and I left for the Stadium of Fire. We met at my mom's and went down to BYU for the Stadium of Fire. We met Amy, my sister-in-law and her daughter Maddie there. Janna my another niece is in the AF marching band (one of the best in the nation) and she was in the program. I got a picture of her too before we went inside. This is a huge 4th celebration that's been around over 20 years. This year they had Glen Beck mcing with Shedaisy and the Jonas Brothers as the musical entertainment. They also had several patriotic things going on in between, including the retiring of a gigantic flag used in the show over 13 yrs. The show was broadcasted to the troops around the world. It was an amazing show and the fireworks were just spectacular in the stadium and outside. My photos don't do it justice, it was my phone camera. We had a great time and we got home at 12:30 AM. The traffic is the worst part of the whole event, for sure! So many people camp out around the stadium that it is really overwhelming the sea of cars trying to leave! Tim and the boys (plus Gwen) watched National Treasure and did some of their own fireworks which they enjoyed. It was a fun holiday. I am so grateful for this country and for what it means to me and the world. We are the stnadard of freedom and liberty. Everyone looks to us for an example. We have so much and we are so blessed. I hope that we can right the course we are on now so that we may preserve the freedoms we have and preserve the future for our children so they can enjoy them too. God Bless America, my home sweet home.
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4boyzmdmom said...

Did you know Glen Beck is from around here (Frederick, MD)? He got his start on talk radio in this area! I'm glad you had a great 4th!

Heidi said...

It sounds like a non-stop day at the Pews. What better way to spend the 4th than with family!