Friday, July 3, 2009

18 years...already?

So 18 years ago today, Tim and I were married in the Manti, Utah Temple. We dated about a year before we got married. We had a lot of fun. Tim is very patriotic and I also consider myself patriotic too so it was fitting that we were married the day before the 4th of July. We had a wedding luncheon at BYU after the ceremony in Manti. That evening we had a reception in my parents' backyard in Orem, Utah. It was great fun seeing so much family and good friends. My paternal grandmother--Granny Louw died a month later. Tim's maternal grandfather married us in the temple. So we have many fond memories attached to that day besides it being our day. I wore my cousin Cindy's dress, I loved it when she got married. When I found that I had 2 months to get ready for our wedding I decided to go simple and borrow if she'd let me since I knew I loved it! Thanks Cindy! Tim and I had a great time smashing cake in each others face despite the outcries of some of the older generation! Our reception colors were navy and white and we used daisies, my favorite flower. I've included a few pictures here, the black and white ones where taken by our dear, late friend Ken Southam and the others are the photographer's. About a week after we got married we went to Chico for an open house at Dennis & Sherill Allen's home. Their daughter was one of my bffs growing up. It was a blast to see the Chico people! We went to Las Vegas, Magic Mountain and San Fransisco on our way to Chico and that was our honeymoon. It was very fun!!!

Tim makes marriage easy and although our life isn't perfect I am glad to share the adventure with him. He is truly my best friend! And I love him!!! Happy Anniversary BABY!

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andrea said...

I know it was 18 years ago, but were you two old enough to get married, or did it require a parents signature?! ;)

Very cute, and congratulations Here's to 18 more!