Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Valentine's Day Update

We have had internet issues lately so I have been unable to blog or catch up on facebook friends. I have a real addiction to communication. Maybe I never realized how blogging and now facebook, give me adult communication I don't always get during the day that I NEED. Don't get me wrong I love my random conversations with the little people, they can be very insightful but there is something about this new cybersocial situation that fills a need to communicate. I'm not sure it's healthy but I think it saves money on therapy!:)

So Valentine's Day we had a couple of basketball games in the morning. I tried to get up early and make a special breakfast for everyone but they just wanted cold cereal--note to self remember what is special to you may NOT or IS NOT special to others! So I could have slept in a little, owell.

Tim had taken me to the play the Curious Savage at the high school the night before as part of our 'celebration'. It was a very funny and touching play. Then Saturday, he took me to lunch at a favorite bakery/deli. We ordered some pastries that were amazing after our lunch, it was a great afternoon. I prefer to miss the dinner crowds by doing lunch.

We were going to make a really nice dinner for everyone but it didn't happen with our time restraints so we ordered pizza, one even came heart shaped. We had a delicious dinner anyway and we gave the kids some treat bags with their favorite candy in it--ie a bag of Skittles. We also handed out our love notes we had written to each other. I had a little mailbox and heart shaped cardstock to write on for each person. It turned out pretty good. Gwen and my mom made us sugar cookies and I made Valentine cupcakes but most of us were all too full after dinner to eat them.

The teenagers headed off to friends afterward. Tim and I watched Ever After once the little kids were in bed. I fell asleep not long into it--very romantic for Tim. So we stopped it and were done! It was still nice to spend time together in a relaxed way!


Erick said...

Sounds like what happens when we watch a movie. I say I'm too tired to start a movie, Liz insists, we start the movie, she falls asleep, I watch the whole thing, and then she wants me to tell her what happened!

RAQ said...

Gotta love being old and comfortable with each other!