Monday, February 2, 2009

Ideas for inside winter fun!

I know when my kids haven't been able to sled or run around they drive each other crazy! Which drives me crazy! So we have some fun for inside--if you have stairs a sleeping bag slide is fun. They could do it for hours. Just don't do it yourself--adults just don't float down, you could lose some teeth or herniate a disc! We like to build tents to play in with the stuffed animals. There is also this foam stuff, Zane made this funky thing. We also have moon sand too. We go through a lot of paper from drawing and painting. Games, I taught Zane and Izak how to play chicken feet (dominoes)the other day. Zane likes to race down our halls which helps get the energy out too! So get creative and share what you do for fun inside when it's too stormy to be out!!!


Lisa said...

oh, that looks too fun.

4boyzmdmom said...

These are great ideas! I don't have very many of my own, but one thing my kids like to do is to "make movies". I let them use the video camera. They have their own series called "Jimmy & Johnny." They also do spoof newscasts. If you have a camera that you are willing to let the kids use, this will keep them busy for hours!

RAQ said...

Yes, I forgot to post that our kids make movies too. Thanks!