Monday, December 1, 2008

Random Updates

Timo became a teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood last Sunday. Here is the photo in the Bishop's office. We missed the family members who couldn't make it but it was still great to have Tim's parents there. It was a special day, Timo joins Taran in the teachers quorum. They have great leaders. Tim and Timo prepared the sacrament yesterday together. It's tradition in our ward that the first Sunday after a boy is ordained his dad helps with whatever ordinance he will participate in. I think that is a special experience for them. We are so blessed to have these experiences in our lives. The sacrament is so important and to let young men be a part of that ordinance hopefully helps them feel it's importance.

Tim spoke yesterday in church, the Bishop had 5 people share their favorite hymn and testimony about it. Tim narrowed it down to 43 hymns. Then finally he picked Praise to the Man. He explained, in a wonderful, moving way how the prophet Joseph Smith taught us so much about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and who we are. I wish you could have heard it. It was a very spiritual meeting.

This photo is Emily on Mismatched Day at school (the day before Thanksgiving). She had a lot of fun putting this outfit together. Izak and Micah weren't as brave! I am glad she can have fun without worrying what people think--I loved dressing up on dress up days in school! So we know where she gets the dress up gene!

We took Zane and some friends (and Micah and Izak) to McDonald's in honor of his birthday they had a lot of fun on the toy until it got crowded!


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Tanner was ordained a deacon yesterday; I wish we'd thought to take a picture!

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Great pictures!