Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random Updates, Again

So the top photo is from Tim's new cell phone that has a little camera on it. He took Timo and some friends and Taran to a Jazz Basketball game. I found a great deal on the internet for this game so it was what Timo wanted to do in honor of his birthday. The Jazz won and they had a lot of fun.

Izak got his Wolf award at Pack Meeting. I am not there because I went to a choir thing at the high school with Taran--more on that later. I was so proud of Izak he really worked hard and got several arrow points as well. It was tough not to go.

Emily (the blond with her eyes closed) had her school program in November. All the grandparents and Aunt Teresa came. It was really good! They did some really cool dancing along with their singing.

Izak also had his program last month. It was cute and he is hugging his buddy Matthew who stood next to him in it. Unfortunately we couldn't see them unless we stood up in the aisle.

The last photo is a scan of the family photo at my brother Keith's wedding. It turned out pretty good.


4boyzmdmom said...

Beautiful photos! I love the family picture--so many good looking people!

RAQ said...