Thursday, September 18, 2008

Temple Visits

This month Tim's sister Amy and I have started traded babysitting while the other attends the temple. It has been such a great blessing to me. I am so grateful to live close to the temple and go more often. My days are less busy than afternoons--I won't bore you with details but with 5 in soccer and 5 in piano you get the picture! The temple reminds me of Heavenly Father's love of me and all his children. The news can be so discouraging but when I leave there I feel close to him and his son Jesus Christ and I know they will help me and my family. I am rambling but I just thought I should share how grateful I am--maybe I'll add a photo of the temple later!


4boyzmdmom said...

Ooooh! I'm jealous! Wish I had somebody to trade with! But I've had my turn to go often, and that turn will come again!

The Cranes said...

It's working great for me, too! Thanks for thinking of it and asking me.

RAQ said...

Too bad my back ruined it! Actually I should be able to watch Ammon I just won't be able to go for awhile!