Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gwen the fashionista learns to pray!

Gwen has started choosing what she will wear--one day she wore 3 different outfits. I know I should be happy she is wearing clothes! I am trying to be accommodating but it gets tiring changing clothes and putting them away or doing more laundry. She knows how to take off her clothes now so it's tricky if she doesn't want to wear her outfit anymore! She seems to want to wear dresses and skirts the most so we'll see if she ever wears pants again! I did get her to wear leggings with a dress on a colder day (we had a cold front with a storm this week)so maybe that will be our compromise. I'll try to get a photo of her clothes of choice. She actually repeated the words Tim said in her ear to pray for her own prayers tonight! She usually just opens and then stops and says Amen when we are done saying the words. She is a funny bug!

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Shellie said...

Cute! Love your ring, too and lots of great pics and video.