Monday, September 8, 2008

Stake Conference

I wanted to write about Stake Conference before I forgot. Saturday night our ward choir sang--Tim is the choir director and they did fabulous. I was planning on singing until I got this nasty cold I've been battling all week. They spoke about the spiritual nature of finances and showed some great tools on I actually did one of the "lessons" today, it didn't take too long. Even though we try hard to be careful it's nice to have a good shot in the arm about it and to try harder. Then Sunday we had a satellite broadcast Pres. Packer and Pres. Uchtdorf were in the Marriott Center at BYU--most of Utah County had this same broadcast. Elder Jensen spoke first and it was very good about not judging others whatever their circumstances--he had brother born with brain damage so his experiences with him was his introduction. Then Sis. Dibb, Pres. Monson's daughter, spoke about being real, it was cute. She is her father's daughter! Pres. Packer spoke quite awhile about the history of Utah County and sort of the background of what we have been blessed with which was earned by those who came before us. Then Elder Uchtdorf spoke about 2 questions "What am I doing to strengthen my faith and testimony in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father?" and "What am I doing to strengthen marriage and family?" He gave 3 suggestions 1. be a current temple recommend holder 2. speak with Heavenly Father often daily 3. study the words of the prophets daily. This last talk was the subject of our discussion at dinner last night and we challenged the kids to think of one thing they could improve on. It was a great opportunity to hear the apostles speak. Even though I was feeling lousy because of my cold I did not want to miss the chance to hear them speak, it is a great privilege and blessing.

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The Cranes said...

Thanks for the review of Stake Conference. I was there, but also feeling lousy with a bad cold and I think my attention wandered at times because of that (and it was very noisy and hard to hear.) I enjoyed hearing the apostles speak, too.