Sunday, September 7, 2008

First day of school!

Taran started High School this year, he's in 10th grade and so far he is enjoying it. He has some hard honors classes but we think they will be great experience for him--he enjoys the teachers so we hope that's a good sign. Timo is in 8th grade in Jr. High and it's pretty mellow so far. Emily is in 5th grade and in A.L.L. the accelerated learning lab. She loves the kids in her class and her teacher so it's good and she's learning to be more responsible--we hope anyway! Izak is in 3rd grade and likes his class since most of his friends are in it--poor teacher! Micah is in 1st grade and he has adjusted to all day just fine. His teacher adores him and wishes all her students were like him--I wish he was that way at home all the time! Zane is in preschool and loves it! He can't wait for it! Gwen and I muddle around without him and she is very glad when he comes home!

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