Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Monday I started helping/volunteering in Mr. Williams (Micah's) class. I help students who are behind in Math. I enjoyed it and talked to him afterward about some math games you guys did when you were in school that might help these students. I will start helping Miss Riddle (Zane's) tomorrow—after Mr. Williams. She wasn't quite ready that day. Gwen had gone to Zoe's before school so her mom took her to school at the right time. She has the girls Monday and Tuesday and I have them Wednesday and Friday. It has been nice. I got stuff going(laundry, blah, blah, blah...) then got ready for my dental appointment. My tooth broke Friday late afternoon so they couldn't get me in until noon that day. So now I have a crown there. Hopefully the root won't die so I won't need a root canal. I got home just in time for the kids to get home. We had gotten an email from my mom wanting somewhat of a family meeting that night so we ate early and ran over to her house as soon as Tim got home and ate. She has to have surgery in her foot. Her ward is really great--they heard about her situation and in ward council they discussed how they could help her. They are offering to pay for her to go to a rehab place for 2 weeks after the surgery. This is so she can completely rest and get better. Otherwise it's same day surgery and her insurance will not pay for anything of the sort. So it would have probably fallen on me to take of her and dad and then who knows what would have happened with our family. So I am so grateful for their help. I offered to be with dad during the day and Teresa said that she could do nights. If this had been done during the summer it would have been a lot easier. The rehab place is awesome because they will make sure she gets her medications and they will do physical therapy with her to get her back on her feet—literally. This is true charity since there is no way we could ever afford that kind of cost. Mom is relieved to know she can just concentrate on getting better with her foot after her surgery. We don't know yet when this will take place since she still needs to meet with her surgeon and that will not happen until October 8th. The ward was also willing to pay to have someone come in with dad but I know he doesn't want that and I know he doesn't want to go anywhere. So I suggested we figure out how to do it ourselves once we have the date. On our way home we dropped Timo off at a craft/fabric store to get his sports sewing class material. He met up with a couple of his friends who were already there.

Tim's sisters--love them!
Tuesday I was able to go to the temple early again but it was SUPER busy and seemed so ALL week! Very cool but I got home later than I planned and I had a YW Presidency Meeting at 10 am and then lunch with the Pew ladies (and Tim's dad) at noon. My meeting went well--we are trying to plan YW in Excellence (like a YW Eagle Court—super special but for all the YW). It is next month. I got to Tim's parent's just after noon. Annette was there still but left the next day so this was our last visit before she left. Eventually Shellie, Anna and Amy arrived. We all brought our own lunches and met there, usually we meet at a restaurant but with the varying schedules it worked out good this way. I got home just after the kids, but it was okay. Tuesdays are really nutty with Izak 6:30 AM piano, then piano after school and scouts and soccer practice and sometimes soccer games. We didn't have any games but Timo had a choir concert, Patriot Concert (for 9/11). It was great, of course. Just Tim and I went so Emily and Izak babysat. My mom came and Teresa watched my dad. It was interesting to think about the day it all happened and where we were, etc.

Wednesday was my busier morning but Tim was home to take the van in for it's inspection, so he was helpful. After I dropped Zoe and Gwen off at school I watched a neighbor boy so his mom could go to the temple. Anna dropped June off while he was here and they both started crying, she was afraid to leave. I insisted I would be fine and I was. He left before I had to go get the girls from kindergarten. Our van didn't pass so Tim fixed the things he could and we hope Brian can come this week and fix the rest and a couple things on Tim's car. Anna had brought June's portable playpen/bed to see if I could get her to nap. She seemed tired but just drank her bottle and then yelled, not cried until I got her! She is so funny. I'll try again next time so she can have a schedule. The girls love playing with her--it's so cute. Micah had a game in Highland and Izak had a game in Saratoga Springs. Tim took Izak and I got Micah a ride—Timo had my car until 5:30 PM so I couldn't get him there early. I went to the game and got to see him score a PK. It was super windy so I was glad they played well. My mom also went to Izak's game. No one needed my help in YW so I stayed home since it would mean Emily would have to babysit another night (she had YW the next night--they went to one of the girl's soccer game at the high school). Tim and Izak got home fairly close to 8 PM so Izak missed scouts. Both Micah and Izak's teams won. Izak hurt his foot in PE the day before so he didn't play a lot. Timo didn't have scouts which made it easier for him to get homecoming stuff done—I guess he played football with some guys.

Thursday I was finally able to exercise in the morning instead of at night. That was nice. I worked on Timo's Amazing Race for their 'day date' before Homecoming. Gwen and I made pumpkin blondies for the kids after-school treat. That afternoon was nicely slow for a change but Micah had a game at 5:30, and Gwen and Izak had soccer practice at 6:30 PM so I left Timo in charge of dinner—Totino's. Tim met up with Micah's game. My mom went to his game that night and I went to stay with my dad. They had no cable, internet or phone so we just chatted the WHOLE time which was great. He's feeling weak and we talked about that and he shared some things about his mission. I got home late because my mom had to visit with me some as well when she got home.

Friday Tim had been up with something so I didn't sleep well. He stayed home from work. He didn't eat until late afternoon when he tried 1/8 cup of Coke. I was feeling iffy but not quite as bad so I ate pretzels, Coke and ginger ale. By later that night I felt better but very tired and Tim was doing a bit better but he was weak. Timo went to the Homecoming game, Emily had gone to the Ashford to sing and after had friends to photograph. Izak and Micah ended up tagging along. Gwen and Zane did their Saturday chores that night so they watched HP7.1. I was finishing up all my Amazing Race stuff, I did it just here in Cedar Hills. I hope Timo liked it, he never really said. One girl told me she loved it and thanked me. A tender mercy since it was a lot of work. I read and read and got ideas online and then put it all together. I had some other parents and one of Timo's friends help me.

Saturday Izak had a 8 AM game in Provo? Tim felt good enough--barely--to take him. I was cramping a little like I might have IT for sure so I didn't want to leave home. I had asked some neighbors to take him in case we couldn't. I still had to take Emily to ref at 8 AM at Deerfield. I also had a couple of things I had forgotten so I had a Walmart stop on the way home. Tim picked up Emily in the way back. I took Micah and Izak to ref at noon at Westfield and tim took Gwen to her game at noon at Deerfield. My mom went to her game so now she's seen them all! Tim also took Emily to the freshman football game--luckily she got a ride home. When I got back Timo took the van to get money and his corsage. I had the Amazing Race helpers come over early and I explained everything and got them their clues and supplies. I had painted trophies from DI with metallic spray and wrote Amazing Race Champions on them to give to the winners. The kids seemed to like it. We ended at the Cedar Hills Grill where we gave out the trophies and took photos and then the boys got their dates a treat. After that it was time to get the food ready for their dinner—we had strawberries and I had to cut them up. I also had to get the kids fed before 6 PM stake conference adult session. Tim was singing in an Octet so he had to be there early. I was late because of some Emily drama but it turned out fine in the end. I love the adult session--always so good. We were done before the BYU game started so Tim took all the kids but Timo, who was at Homecoming by now. He picked Emily up from where she was helping with Timo's homecoming dinner and took her to his parents'. Then he picked up Jeremy and Ammon. Their stake had stake conference 7-9 during the game. Bummer, ya. Actually not so much since BYU stank it up the first half and had to play catch up after that. I had it on the radio at home as I put away Amazing Race stuff and laundry and such. I went to bed before the end so I had to ask Tim when they got home who won because the internet thing I was watching on my tablet didn't change forever so I gave up and went to sleep until they got home. Then Timo got home shortly after that and it was fun to hear how it went. 

Sunday we let everyone sleep in since we were assigned 1 PM session. It was broadcast from the Marriott Center. Elder Oaks was presiding and spoke last. It was very good. The main things I enjoyed: Remember who you are and you will remember to make good choices...The work of God is never frustrated just the work of man—love that! Another: Spiritual Priorities of the family members make a home. Elder Oaks commented on the election as in the church is non-partisan, and doesn't always speak out against  misinformation about the church just to be sure that they are not appearing to favor any candidate or party. We need to vote and be civil when we disagree. He counseled against Para Military groups and non-professional therapy practices. He said this a few times: Trust the Lord and in his Timetable, do the right thing at the right time... Faith prepares us for life's challenges. It was great and I could write more but I am sure you are feeling that is enough! We had a nice dinner and Zane taught our devotional and we went through the talks and chose some things to work on as a family. Mostly talking kind and being kind.

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That amazing race thing sounds cool (but a lot of work); your kids are lucky to have such an awesome mom!