Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Monday, I was able to help in Mr. William's class and Miss Riddle's class. I really enjoyed that. I got some stuff done and then picked up Gwen and her friends from kindergarten. It was minimal day so I picked them up at 11:15 AM. Gwen goes to Zoe's after school on Mondays so I walked everyone home and her to Zoe's. Everyone was home early, it is so weird. Gwen had Irish dance. I actually had time to get some stuff done. I was going through rooms and getting stuff to sell at the yard sale. That night we did Family Home Evening at the Ashford (Alzheimer's/Dementia assisted living). Some neighbors asked to join us so they could do it on their own sometime. All the kids played something on the piano except for Izak. He just wanted to lead the music for the songs. I did a spiritual thought on the Savior, short and sweet. We had our largest group ever. It was a great experience as usual. I went grocery shopping after we got home. 

Tuesday it rained quite a bit. I went to the temple at 7 AM so I was home just after 8 AM. I had to get my crown on the tooth that broke a few weeks ago. Then I got home just in time to go to a PTA meeting. I usually have YW Presidency Meetings but this week we were meeting after YW with all the leaders so we consolidated the meetings into one. So I went to a PTA meeting at the Regional Council. I came home and made a treat for the kids, a new one I found on Pinterest that tastes like Reeses peanut butter cups, pretty yummy. Again I worked on going through stuff. Emily stayed late a few days this week being Quidditch referee for their Harry Potter week at the junior high. Zane and Micah had piano and are doing well. The weather cleared up enough that Micah had soccer practice. Timo had a flag football game--I guess they played well and barely lost. I wish he would have let us see that game. Timo got asked to Sadies with socks all over the porch and flower bed and even on the lamp on the porch! Her name is Arianna. I guess she is in Timo's seminary class and really nice. He was suppose to find her on Wednesday wearing a certain sock but didn't see her. He saw her in seminary Thursday and gave her some old athletic socks with YES on them. I hope she wasn't disappointed! I told him I am going to make her a sock bouquet to make up for it! Tim played in his flag football game that night and they won by forfeit and no one got injured.

Wednesday I put up some of the yard sale signs we had laminated the week before. I had June here after dropping off the girls at school. We played with puzzles and toys downstairs and then I took her with me to Kneaders to get lunch for Stephanie and I. I also got Gwen and Zoe lunch at Wendy's for Stephanie's actual birthday. We got back in plenty of time and June was asleep. I let her sleep until I had to pick up the girls and then I put her in the umbrella stroller I bought for Taran that we still have! She was happy to go on a walk to the school and back. I fed June a French fry, then thought maybe Anna wouldn't like that so I gave her some pasta and mozzarella which she loved-- leftovers from dinner. We had a nice visit--I'm grateful for Stephanie's friendship. The girls played until Anna got here.  I took a little nap once they all left. But as usual it didn't last as I had to get up when the boys got home. Timo's team had a game at 5 PM so he had to leave work early and go back. It was Brynn's birthday so he and his friends did stuff with her after YW. Izak had scouts early because they were doing service for an older couple in the neighborhood. YW met early for a scavenger hunt--One of the leaders had taken pictures around the ward and the girls went looking for them in groups. It was really fun. We had to start early because it is getting dark by 7:30 PM or earlier! The leaves are changing, it's just beautiful. Too bad we don't have time to go up the canyon! I had my meeting after YW. I got home around 9:30 PM. We are planning Young Women in Excellence and camp. We are trying to go to Moab river rafting next year, depending on the price. I hope we can, it would be a great experience for the YW.

Thursday, I actually got to go walking for an hour. Then I ran to Walmart for a few things--helmets for Zane and Gwen, a kickstand for Gwen and a few other things. One of the workers, a tiny lady, accidentally stepped on my big toe—my left foot. This toe was almost done healing from Micah stepping on it with cleats in the summer and bruising it. I thought I was going to cry it hurt so bad. I quickly finished up my shopping and got home to see my toe was bleeding. It was nasty. And it hurt. Gwen's kindergarten carpool group came home for lunch and to play. It was fun but after lunch I had to put my foot up for awhile. I got the Halloween books out and they loved having me read lots of them! Thursday after school was CRAZY! Micah had a game, Zane and Micah had Pack Meeting, Izak and Gwen had soccer practice, Emily was helping Sister Stewart do a photo shoot for a couple getting married, it was Student/Teacher at the Jr high, so Timo and Clay got a ride to work with the Francis'. Izak had some missing assignments which we got settled and came home but it took awhile. Julie and I put up signs for the yard sale when I got home from the Jr high. I went to my Mom'd after Pack Meeting so she could run some errands. My Dad and I watched the end of South Pacific, not my favorite but poor Dad got all choked up at the end. I was able to put ice on my toe at my Mom's which helped a lot. I was glad THAT day was over.

Friday Gwen was going to ride her bike but she decided at the last minute not to even though I bought her a new helmet and lock. Owell. We walked and it was a nice, crisp fall day. I did a couple of errands including Costco. I got home with plenty of time before Gwen got home. I worked on some PTA stuff for our meeting this coming week. Then Gwen and I went to Lone Peak to laminate sign stuff—yes we had a ton of signs. Our concern was that we would have twice as many kids selling so we needed more people to come. It paid off! Julie is super efficient thinking so we laminated stuff so we could reuse them next year and hopefully beyond. We didn't get done with it all until 3 PM. Tim came home early so he was there. He was able to pick up Emily and then he took Izak to the BYU vs Hawaii game. Micah, Zane, and Gwen had the Primary program practice from 4-5 PM. Micah had a birthday party at 5 PM--dinner and the movie 'Hotel Transylvania.' At 5:30 PM we started loading stuff into the Roger's trailer and the Beardall's truck, our van and their suburban. We had a little pile left in the end that we got later that night with the Hallsted's truck. We finished just after the BYU game started. Zane had football practice so I waited until he came home to feed the kids. Emily had a party at a friend's and it was on Julie's way so she dropped her off for me! YEAH! Timo and Zane listened to the game at the computer. I helped Gwen with her cleaning and then put the Avengers on for her. Micah took over when he got home at fast forwarding stuff she wouldn't/shouldn't want to see. She loved it. The BYU game was done by 9:30 PM and we started unloading shortly after that. It was 1 AM before I got home. My toe was terrible so I soaked it 2 times in hydrogen peroxide. I knew it had gotten infected by some dirty water that got on it at the parking lot at the school while we were setting up. Timo, Tyler and Brynn slept in the van at the parking lot. We had talked to a policeman who was patrolling the area and he said that he would watch over them. That made us feel good.
Saturday my toe woke me up at 5 AM so I got going and showered then I had Tim drop me off since the van was already there. We were done unpacking everything by 7 AM after that we did more organizing. It went well. I got fried. We had people coming until almost 2 PM buying stuff even though it ended at noon. Meanwhile Emily, Izak and Micah reffed 8-10 AM, Izak had a game at 10:30 AM, Zane had a flag football game at 10:30 AM and Gwen had a game at 10 AM. Tim went to Zane's game then to the end of Izak's game. Emily had the freshman football game at 3 PM. Back to the yard sale, between the three weeks they did quite well, so I think Timo is happy about it. I think he had fun on top of it so it was a win-win. Once we were totally done it was 4 PM. Tim and some of the other parents and kids took the stuff that didn't sell to DI, some other parents threw out all the garbage and took back tables, and Tim did tables too since he had the trailer hitched to our van. Tim also bought Timo and Izak bikes at the yard sale so now they are set up. A kid in the neighborhood who does BMX racing is fixing Micah's bike. I need a bike now. After the yard sale I came home and ate some Wheat Thins (my lunch) and crashed. I woke up just as the RS Broadcast was starting so I quickly got dressed and ran over to the church. I had missed the very beginning, I can watch that part to make sure I got what I thought she was talking about. It's a new presidency so I was interested to see what they said. It was really good and President Eyring spoke as the concluding speaker which was excellent. I am so grateful for living prophets! I am so excited for General Conference next week! I had a nice chat with Alison after the broadcast. When I got home Tim and Gwen were watching Avengers again! I laid down on the couch and watched with them until Gwen and I fell asleep. Timo, Izak, Micah and Zane went to watch Avengers on the Hallsted's big outdoor screen. They had a lot of fun but Zane fell asleep and came home right after. I was in a daze and I ate some more wheat thins since I didn't get dinner. I had a high fiber fudge bar (like ice cream) too so I'd get some protein! Timo helped clean up so he got home after curfew. Emily and Ashley watched Alias.

Tim had early meetings this morning (Sunday) but I was dead. I enjoyed the MOTAB broadcast today. Today was the Primary Program which was hilarious as usual and also uplifting . Choose the Right was the theme this year. Gwen mostly sang but did have her hands in her teeth a couple of times. She must have a loose tooth! Today in Sunday School the teacher talked about how we are compensated when we are going through hard times, how we should look for those blessings that are given to compensate for it. I loved that, so things like hope, a feeling of love from our Heavenly Father, etc. Sometimes all we see is that we are going through a hard time and we have things to learn but there is more to that than just getting through the Lord provides a way for us to be sustained through these blessings. Tim taught a devotional on having a good foundation using the 3 pigs analogy. I think it went well. We are the pigs, the parent pigs= Heavenly Father , the road=the world, the house=spiritual foundation, big bad wolf=Satan, huff and puff=temptations. He used scriptures that told how to have a good foundation. After that Tim and I went to my Mom's to borrow a book for Timo to read for school.

The End.

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