Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It is feeling like fall here. The leaves are changing and the air is crisp. 

So this was a dumb week for me, I thought I was finally coming down with what Tim had on Monday morning so I didn't go in and help Mr. Williams or Miss Riddle. I rested and by noon I was totally fine. Had Tim not been sick I would have not really worried about my tummy since I have a pretty tough one. Owell. Gwen went to dance with Claire and Zoe. For FHE Zane was in charge and we played that Headbandz game where you are an object on a card stuck to your head and you have to guess what you are. It's pretty funny. Anyway that was it but it was good.

Tuesday I went shopping after getting Gwen and Zoe to school. It was cute as I was leaving Walmart I saw a temple lady and she said that they missed me that day! I told her I had to switch with a friend so I would be going Wednesday which I did. I hope I get there this week on Tuesday, I just love my temple ladies! I got home in time to unload everything and put it away and then I went to get the girls from kindergarten. We walked all the other other girls home and then I took Zoe and Gwen home for lunch. They mostly rode their bikes on our hill into the basketball court. I would check on them periodically but I worked on some projects that I had going on besides the daily laundry and cleaning stuff. That afternoon was more simple than usual because Micah and Izak didn't have soccer practice. I was able to plant some pansies and mums and I pulled most of the red petunias I planted in the spring that ended up growing well and HUGE. But as it is cooling they are dying. I kept 2 clusters while they look good. I also pulled out some major weeds.   Zane had scouts and some of the kids had piano. Timo had work and a Youth City Council meeting that day. So I ended up going to my Mom's once Tim got home so she could go to the temple. I left my purse in the van so it made me late since it was at Timo's work! I had another great time with my Dad. We looked up Guadalajara on my tablet and I showed him the wax museum Taran talked about in his letter, and some other stuff. He loved it! We found out they have 2 Costcos in Guadalajara! 

Wednesday I went early to the temple. Anna and family went to Idaho for the weekend so June didn't come over. So I ran to Costco and the Dollar Store and Target. I got photos printed to send to Taran. Our mechanic showed up that afternoon to fix the van. He had been sick so he couldn't come before. So that meant I didn't have a car. Luckily I had taken Tim to work so I had his car and Timo took that car while Tim borrowed my Mom's car and went to Micah's soccer game and then the end of Timo's first flag football game. Tim got home before Brian was done and was able to get something fixed on his car as well. What a relief to have that done! Tim also fixed the filter on the fridge which had caused the fridge to leak into the basement Homecoming day! That night for YM they did a Book of Mormon reading in 80 days challenge kick off! That night I didn't sleep because of my allergies. There are fires in Idaho that are so bad the smoke has spread into Utah and our air quality is terrible.

Thursday morning I had to take my Mom's car back to her. I ran to Orem so we could get Gwen back in time for kindergarten. We barely made it. After my Mom dropped me off I went to the after hours doctor. My actual doctor never has openings the day you are sick--too bad I can't decide ahead of time, right? So they actually gave me a breathing treatment because my chest was so tight when I was breathing. She also prescribed an inhaler and Nasonex. I was already taking the Zyrtec—24 hour. I also bought some Ricola cough drops and saline nasal spray. That night I slept better until about 4 am. After the doctor I worked on signs for the Yard Sale and a food drive flier. Timo had flag football game, Zane had flag football practice, Izak and Gwen had soccer practice all around the same time! Micah was a jewel and helped Gwen get to practice and then picked her up when she was done. I didn't want to go outside anymore. I made dinner for a neighbor that had a hysterectomy. I made ham and cheese sliders and apple crisp with Thomas' apples. Another neighbor made the rest of dinner. Tim and Emily took the food over. I hope she is doing alright. Zane watered my plants I planted Tuesday since Tim hasn't had a lick of time to hook up sprinklers to them. After Izak's practice they went to Tim's parents to watch the BYU v Boise State game. Once I got Gwen to bed I listened on KSL until their signal went out part way into the 2nd half. Timo went to Tyler's to watch it after their game. I sort of kept track on my tablet but it was a crazy defensive struggle. It's too bad Riley won't relent when he is so injured. They are still saying he will start this week—I know I listen to sports talk radio sometimes. Really? I think they need to get him healthy FIRST. 

Friday I was still pretty miserable since I didn't get back to sleep after 4 AM. I put up signs for the yard sale, I went to get copies for the food drive, went to the dry cleaners and then put up some more posters than ran to the post office and mailed a package to Taran. PHEW! I got home at 10:30 AM from all of that and I got a call from Julie to go laminate the signs I had made to put up—not the smaller ones I already put up. So I went to the high school with her at 11 AM and we laminated--pretty cool! We got done just in time for her to drop me off at the school to pick up the girls. After we got home from that I fed them lunch and basically crashed! Luckily a neighbor had brought us chocolate chip zucchini bread so I didn't need to make a snack. I was partly zombie, miserable—my head started throbbing and I got dizzy moving around. Ya, I was thinking I am getting a sinus infection, so pumped my sinuses with the saline and took ibuprofen and I bought some Mucinex DM which I thought we had but we didn't and I think the combo starting working. We had a surprise birthday party for Stephanie that night and we had to take a treat. Emily helped me make a treat after she had been at the Ashford. Tim and Timo worked on yard sale stuff then we went to the party. The plan was to make an appearance and leave for the doctor. Well, the ladies got me chatting and it was 9:15 and too late to go. It was alright because I just took all the meds and cleaned out my nose. I slept good and I was feeling way better the next day! YEAH! Timo, Tyler and Brynn slept with the yard sale stuff at the school parking lot! They didn't get much sleep.

Saturday I woke Tim up to go help them. I wanted to but I knew I needed to stay in another day to be healthy. I drove the kids to their games and reffing. Micah got a ride to his soccer game. Emily stayed with Gwen at her game and I sat in the car at Izak's. After Izak's game we took down the signs for the yard sale. I dropped him and Gwen off at the house and then my nephew Scott showed up! We chatted and I got to meet his friends. Cute girls! He said he'd be back today but somehow I knew he wouldn't be able to fit it in. Then I went to pick up Emily and Micah from reffing and we stopped at the high school to help loading up the yard sale leftovers. Micah and Emily found some treasures! By then I could handle being outside. Once we were done it was 4:30 PM! We didn't eat dinner until 6:30 PM. I was so tired even though I was better so I rested then got myself in gear and we had soup! The Bybees gave us homemade bread for a thank you to Tim and Timo (and Taran) for hometeaching them. So we had that with the soup. After dinner we got bikes for the kids with birthdays coming up. I figure if we are going to get new bikes anyway, it's a good time to get rid of the old bikes at the yard sale. I ironed and watched Facing the Giants with Emily and Izak. Tim had an early meeting and went to bed. Timo was at the Hallsted's and came home with his hair straightened. It was a late night--we talked a bit about choir tour and stuff.

Sunday I still felt better.  It was the dedication of the Brigham City temple. It was nice but I only could stay awake for the last talk. Tim, Micah and Izak went at noon and me, Timo and Emily went at 3 PM. Gwen taught our devotional about why we have temples. Then we read a special letter my Mom prepared for each of us and gave us each a simple yet pretty handkerchief. It was cool. She even got Gwen one for later. It was a rather relaxing sabbath, for us! The kids played uno and skipbo and watched family videos. Pretty fun!

Time after time I am learning how much I can do with the Lord's help. Honestly I couldn't have done what I did do this week without his sustaining power. I am so grateful for the gospel, how do people survive without it? Watching Facing the Giants reminded me of how much we can rely on the Lord. If we do all we can do he will work miracles in us but the glory should go to him. I am so grateful for this understanding. 

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