Sunday, October 2, 2011

The last week of September...

Monday I went to my mom's and we finished picking the rest of the peaches. I helped her bottle some and she even had time to go on a walk before I had to leave for Gwen's dance class. The kids got out early that day so they tend to get less done while I am gone, luckily I was mentally prepared and they also knew I would be gone. Later I had scouts. Tim taught our lesson for FHE since we didn't get to it on Sunday, it was really good. We played Apples to Apples after the lesson which is always fun. I did my main grocery shopping after.

Tuesday I picked apples with Stephanie during preschool. YUM! I drove to preschool since Tricia was driving for the field trip on Thursday. I usually go to Costco on Tuesdays so I took Gwen and Luke with me. An adventure! Zoe came over later after lunch and they all had a great time. I made apple crisp and mopped the floor. Huge for me!:) The kids had piano after school. Emily had play practice so she missed piano. We may need to change her day. I picked her up. Usually Micah has soccer practice and Izak a game but this week they had no soccer games. Zane did have his first flag football game that night--it was a tough game the other team really knew what they were doing and Zane's team did not, yet. Micah and I had Pack Meeting that night so we did not go to the flag football game. Gwen came with us. Timo got asked to Sadie Hawkins not too long after we went inside from Pack Meeting.

Wednesday I also drove to preschool. Then I went on a walk. The weather has been so beautiful that I thoroughly enjoy walking outside as much as possible. Gwen and I took my friend Linda so send a fax, after I picked her up from preschool. Then Gwen and I went shopping at DI--thrift store. I had a couple of things I was looking for. I did get a couple of frames to paint--Gwen got a stuffed animal and book. You can see the frames in this photo.
I had found the fall subway art free online so I got it printed as well as a fall collage of photos to frame--not sure you can tell from the photo. So when we got home I washed and painted them. I also got the vase that is on the piano and put a flower that I already had in it. I also borrowed my friend Liesl's apple-peeler-corer so I could dry some apples in our fruit dryer. Zane had flag football practice so Tim went and helped out with it. Izak usually had soccer practice but it was canceled and Micah usually has a game so it was a mellow evening. I was able to make peach syrup from my mom's peaches and the apples in the dryer and plant some flowers.

Thursday I dropped Gwen off at Tricia's then I went to the temple. It was busy so it was almost 10 AM before I got home. I cleaned house like a maniac! My companion Fabiana Cristeche from my mission had contacted me via email that her husband Anibal was here for training with the church. He is over Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay computer systems of the church. He was coming and I wanted to make sure it was in a presentable situation. It was greatly improved for his visit! I know I have a long way to go but I learned or had reconfirmed that our Heavenly Father truly loves us and blesses when we try to do his will first. He made me so much more efficient with my time and focused. He helped me see that I can do more with his help than I can ever do without it. So many times I try to solve my problems forgetting to include him in the planning and/or process! It's crazy! Why not have the most powerful being in the universe helping ME? Silly not to, eh? Anyway, I had a meeting for being a room mom right after school then I had to get Emily from play practice. Anibal was happy to eat whatever was my kids' favorite food--pizza. So I got some Papa John's and Papa Murphy's. He arrived as I was at Zane's flag football game. Zane and his team had learned a lot so they did a lot better. They actually won. Zane got to run in for the extra point and he ran the return of a punt. He did a spin move to get away from the defense. Fun times! We had a great time with Anibal. He felt like part of the family. He played soccer with the kids and joked with us. He shared video of his family and videoed our kids playing the piano and singing. Timo was late because he also had a flag football game. After Anibal left we watched Lone Peak High School beat Bingham High School in football on TV. Bingham was nationally ranked last year. They had pasted Lone Peak to be number 1 so now they are number 1. Bingham hadn't lost at home in a LONG time and it was a pretty good win for Lone Peak 45-24.

Friday, Gwen and I didn't get to watch June since Anna was taking her for her check up. So we went to pick apples again. It was fun, a big crowd but not as many as the Friday before. Then we went to lunch with Stephanie and Zoe in honor of Stephanie's birthday Monday. The girls wanted to eat at Wendy's so we went there and we adults went to Kneaders then ate at Stephanie's house. Yummy! It was grandparents day program for the 2nd grade. Zane was excited! Tim's parents brought him home so we made sure we were there. My mom had come but went home right after, my dad was not feeling well. Tim came home early and we took Emily on down to my mom's while we went to the BYU vs. USU. We don't get the channel and they wanted to watch. They always enjoy going there. Here is a picture of us in the stadium. If you didn't see that game--bummer cause it was a classic BYU miracle ending game. BYU was behind until they won with 11 seconds left--poor Utah State. We saw Taran at half-time and got him a chicken sandwich. It was a beautiful night and I was actually too hot in my jeans. Saturday Emily and Izak refereed at 8 and 9 AM so Tim took them. My mom and I went to get our eyebrows waxed. We got back before General Conference started. Loved the sessions that day and enjoyed that only Gwen had a soccer game which was at noon. Tim took her and said that she was really involved more this game. Progress! She was happy when she got back. After the second session of conference Tim took Timo out for dinner at JCWs a hamburger place--Tim said it was packed with men and their sons in white shirts! He said that it would have been surreal for someone to drop in for dinner there not knowing about the General Conference Priesthood Session of our church. Meanwhile we were home having leftovers and I made cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning. Once the cinnamon rolls were done we headed over to Tim's parents' to meet up with the men after priesthood. Erin, Anna, baby June, Amy and her kids met up too. Nate did not come since he went to a special showing of the priesthood session for the band dads and band boys--they had a competition earlier and did not finish before it started. We had rootbeer floats and a nice visit. Taran went to the Priesthood Session with his ward which had an ice cream social before and then went together. Here are some photos from our gathering...

Today we have enjoyed conference. The kids liked my cinnamon rolls for breakfast. In between Tim took most them for a walk to get the wiggles out. We are going to my parents' for dinner after the last session. Have a great week! Time to get out the Halloween stuff!

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