Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Break and Family stuff

So it's always a let down when a vacation is over even if you didn't go anywhere! Tim was home Friday so now it's back to normal life...

Monday Zane had a cold that was bothering him enough he stayed home. My mom was tired from the family visit the night before-sorry! So we stayed home since she wanted to rest and we are not helpful in that way when we visit! Gwen had her Pre-Irish dance class so we worked on preschool homework--ya, I know! I had scouts, Emily went to Orange Leaf (a frozen yogurt place) with a friend after school and Timo had the day off so he could get a handle on some of his homework. We watched home movies of Gwen and Emily for FHE and they wrote about their favorites and then we wrote what we liked about them. A tradition that most of them like...

Tuesday Gwen was the star that day at preschool so we made a poster and she took treats. I swore I took a picture of her and the poster but I guess not! Tim did get a photo of her sleeping with her crown!Zane was still under the weather so he stayed home and slept until noon! I took him to Costco because I really did not want to miss that part of my Tuesday routine! I did miss the temple but hoped to go later in the week but it did not work out. We had enough time to run to another store and got some super cheap pumpkins. That night Timo had a choir concert so just Tim and I went so the younger kids could get to bed on time since it was a 7 PM concert. Timo's A Capella choir is amazing! I could listen to them all day! He was up late studying for 2 tests and writing a paper. I helped him a little with some Spanish and ideas for the paper.

Wednesday Luke came over since there was no preschool. They made Halloween pictures and frosted Halloween cookies. It kept Gwen entertained!
My sister called and invited the kids to sleep over. It was nice that Zane felt good enough for school so he could go to that! Anders and Holly our niece and nephew around Gwen's age also went. We dropped them off after haircuts by my niece Erika (Gwen, Em and Me) dinner and baths. Tim and I (mostly Tim) helped Teresa with some home improvement/decorating projects. Then we stopped for some frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf on the way home and picked up X Men First Class from Redbox. Emily had gone to Orange Leaf earlier that day with another friend. But wanted to watch the X Men movie with us that night. It was really interesting, we all enjoyed it. I had rented The Gruffalo for the kids to watch at Teresa's and they seemed to enjoy it but said it was weird. The high school had a home football game that Timo went to that night.

Thursday I took Emily over to Tim's parents' so his mom could help her make her Halloween costume. It is a simple pattern I found on Pinterest. I went straight to Teresa's to pick up the other kids. Timo had to work that morning as well as Tim. I took the kids to Target--I returned some stuff. We ended up getting Izak a Hot Dog Costume there and some other things. Tim was paying the kids their allowance that night so they really wanted to buy something! I bought stuff but they had to pay me back before they could open them--Legos. That was somewhat torture for them.
While we were at Target Emily called and was done. So once we found Micah, he had gone to the van when he couldn't find us we paid and left. We stopped at one more stop for stuff for Micah's diorama project he has to do this coming week since he didn't want to do it over the break. If I had known that I wouldn't have stopped. The kids played with friends when we got back although not many friends were around. It was weird! I dyed my hair a reddish tint. I missed some spots so I'll try to do better next time and TURN ON A LIGHT! So don't look closely if you see me:) That late afternoon we had arranged to have Anna, my niece, June's mom, take the kids' pictures at a park near her house. I wanted to do family pictures then but I forgot that Taran started a block class that very evening and wouldn't get up in time. Anna did a great job, I can't wait to post them! Gwen was being strange but in the end bribery prevailed! Wendy's! Timo didn't come either because he had a surprise party for a friend that he just found out about the night before at 6 PM when we were taking the photos.

Friday I went and picked up June so Anna could get some things done. I usually take Gwen there but the kids wanted to see her so I brought her here. It was fun. Micah got her to talk a lot to him and I filmed it with my point and shoot. I can never get them to work on blogspot so I am not going to try. After Anna picked her up we went up the canyon for a picnic. My parents and a couple of friends of Emily came as well. It was so beautiful! I dropped my camera part way through and jammed the lens so Tim fixed it later. Luckily my mom had her camera so most these photos Tim took with her camera.

Timo and the little boys came too. Timo studied some while we were there. I have more photos on my facebook. Later we went to Tim's sister Amy's for a Soup Potluck and to celebrate the October birthdays Shellie, Gwen, Emily and Erin. It was lots of fun!

We didn't stay too late since I had to get back to take care of my neighbor's animals while they were away--lot more work than I imaged. Another reason I don't have pets besides my allergies! Luckily I didn't have any trouble.

Saturday Timo took the ACT. He tried to prepare and study for it. I mostly wanted him to take it to see what he needed to improve in. He doesn't want to take it very many times or again if possible! We'll see how he did, there were a few brutal parts. Izak went to the BYU game with a friend and Tim took Zane since Emily who was suppose to go wanted to go meet a favorite author Jessica Day George. Tim dropped her off at my mom's on his way to the game. My mom took her to the Authorpalooza at Barnes and Noble. Unfortunately the publisher didn't send her new book like they had planned so she signed a book card that goes inside the book. They forgot to take pictures! Owell. We have all of the books this author has written! We love her! Meanwhile Gwen and Micah came with me to my mom's to watch my dad. We got to see my Aunt Bev who is here for a conference in Park City from Hawaii. It was nice to see her even if it was brief! My brother Keith was in the backyard taking out slats out of the fence that UDOT is taking down in January to redo the Murdock Canal there--they are enclosing it and it runs behind their house. They are planning on saving the fence so we have to get the good slats out. I helped by cutting out parts that were mangled by heat or time! Micah and Gwen watched the BYU game and Gwen played a little outside too. Teresa showed up about when I had finished this grueling part and my hands were all cut up. So I helped out inside a little and visited with my sister and dad. When the BYU game was almost over Emily and my mom showed up. Emily, Micah, Gwen and I changed into jeans and clean BYU t-shirts for our family pictures we were taking at BYU. We picked up Taran on our way. Timo drove down on his own. Tim met us with Izak and Zane. They also changed into jeans since it was a shorts day! Anna took our family pictures, Timo's individuals, a kids only picture and a picture of just Tim and I. From what I say they will be fantastic! We bribed with Creamery Ice Cream after! Timo went straight to a movie with friends. Taran showed us some of the stuff he's been working on since the last time we came to his 'work zone'. He is so proud it's cute! It really is beautiful that south of campus!

We had ice cream and then Tim hurried back with Micah and Izak for a birthday party they had at 7 PM. I had to feed the animals again--I had already done it twice earlier that day. Then before bed I did it again! Izak and Micah had to dress up in their costumes for the birthday party. They had a lot of fun. Emily went to a friend's and watched the 4th Pirates that just came out on DVD. I worked on my lesson. Gwen and Zane watched Ice Age. Timo and his friends went to see Contagion. He said that it was alright, he thought they could have done a better job with the ending. Tim went to bed early because he had his first bishopric meeting at 6 AM!

We all made it to church--it was iffy both Zane and Micah were complaining about their stomachs (Zane in the night and Micah in the morning). It was another great day of talks, lessons and inspiration! Here is Gwen in the beautiful dress that Tim's mom made her. She got lots of compliments on it! We had a a busy time after church but it settled down and Micah gave our devotional and gets to do the activity tomorrow!

The last week of October! It's nice to just have Zane's flag football and Emily's play practice for our extra running around! We still have piano too which I love hearing them practice! Soon it'll be Christmas music time! The best! I enjoy watching the soccer but it's nice to have a break! Have a great week and enjoy the beautiful weather as long as you can! BTW Tim started playing Christmas music last week! Here we go it will be here soon!


Chrissy, said...

I did see Gwens beautiful dress today. She is so sweet!!! She gave me a hug after singing time it made my day:) i love our primary children sooo much!

Anna Alyse said...

I feel like your clock somehow has more time on it than mine does. How do you accomplish so much all the time?!

and the photos ARE fantastic. Just you wait. :)

4boyzmdmom said...

I love Christmas music, but I always make myself wait until late November to start playing it--like to keep it "special"! We had snow last week and it still doesn't seem like Christmas can be as soon as it is!