Thursday, October 13, 2011

In Memory of Brigetta, My Cousin

I had planned to write this earlier and post a photo but alas I am not on my home computer so no anyway which is almost over. But I digress, my cousin Brigetta Nicholson Keller died this past Sunday of a blood clot to her lung. She is leaving behind 2 young children Bailey (12) and Jonah (10). The last time I saw my cousin was ten years ago at my grandmother's passing. Bailey was just one. So much time has passed. She has always lived in a different state so we would usually see her every summer for a day when we came to Idaho to visit my maternal grandparents. Getta (what we usually called her) was 5 years younger but such a fun kid and person. I remember thoroughly enjoying our visits with her and her siblings, feeling the visits too short. She was also a strong person. She had to be. Her mother got MS while Getta was young and she and her siblings had to become her hands and everything. Unfortunately MS was hard on my aunt and my cousins got the brunt of it. Yet even when they got reprimanded for minor infractions to her orders they were pleasant and even funny, if so under their breath. I remember after the burial of my grandmother we all went to a restaurant to visit and eat. We were laughing so hard about what, I have no idea but it was a great time despite the sober occasion. Our grandmother was 96 so she was ready and willing to go. She had been a widow for a long time by then. But Getta leaves behind a new husband and children. It is tragic and sober to me. But my faith that God our Heavenly Father has a plan brings me consolation. Getta's time had come and we are all left to pick up the pieces and make sense of it. We may never make sense of it, in this life anyway. But I know all things will be made right and her children will be compensated for their loss. It's obvious that we weren't 'close' cousins but nonetheless she was an important part of our family that we will miss. I was so excited when she requested to be my 'friend' on facebook and I was able to reconnect with her and rejoice in her recent marriage and great happiness. I know I will see her some day and until then good bye Getta. I hope you that you know that you were and are loved. Rest in peace.

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