Saturday, May 21, 2011

Freedom Friday, Saturday!

So are you a bit disenchanted by the politicians out there? Want some new blood? Check out Herman Cain here. Now I am not sure I am voting for him but I can tell you who I am not: most candidates running for Republican nominee for President nor President Obama. Why? I want someone based on principles, conservative principles. Small government, cut spending, lower taxes, strong foreign policy--actually know and understand what foreign policy is...I know not everyone has declared their intentions but so far not too impressed with most. Some tell me ya but Mitt Romney was great with the Olympics, and I agree. But when he ran last time he waffled on important questions which led me to believe he didn't have a foundation in the important principles that could guide him as president. I am not super impressed with his health care program in Massachusetts either. So check out Herman he seems pretty passionate and he seems to have a good foundation, it's a start! Just thought I'd pass this info on!

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