Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Micah!

Not too long ago I was taking Micah to his friend's birthday party. I had wrote on the card: 8 is great! Micah read it and said, "Mom, he's turning nine!" What???? I thought, that means Micah is turning nine! I really believe that my life is a supersonic train. Occasionally I get off at a stop and breathe then back on for another fast, long trip! This little boy is growing up! When we asked him if there were any toys he wanted he said, "You know I really just play sports most of the time so I really don't care about toys anymore." He was interested in a new football computer game but they don't make them anymore for computers since we don't have a gaming system (gasp) he stuck with the old version. He loved what he got which makes me super glad we made the effort to drive to a mall when a storm was going to hit. He is a great kid with lots of potential. He can be the kid you love the most one minute and the kid you are ready to send to grandma's the next. But when I see these photos of him as a little baby I remember how much I loved him as a baby and how much I love the good things he does now it makes the rough times almost forgettable--I need to work on that! I am so glad he is in our family, he adds some spice to our days. I am amazed at how fast he is growing up and with all the rest of them! He had fun going to see the movie Tangled yesterday with some of his oldest, bestest friends and our family. They all gave him great presents like they knew him! And today we had my side of the family come and we celebrated with him and our nephew Tate who turned one earlier this month. I realized today that when it is 2020 (if you notice his birthday is 02-20-02 or 20-02-2002 a palindrome) he will be 18...9 years away! Those first nine went fast and I am sure the next 9 will pass at an even faster pace. But I will hold on to the day-to-day moments where he tells me about the great catch he made at recess or how he got a 100% on his science test or the funny thing he did. I love that about him that he shares those things with me!


Rich said...

What a sweet birthday post. You are such a great Mom!! And I sure have to work on appreciating the good times and being more patient during the rought times, too. : )

Rich said...

Sorry, I am on my Rich's computer so that was from his blog account. It's Khristine Pettingill : )