Sunday, February 13, 2011

Almost Valentine's Day

So I need to be quick today because Taran needs to finish a scholarship application he started but the deadline is tomorrow. So much to do over these next few weeks for scholarships! Hopefully all this work will translate into dollars! Any kid 14 and older should at least get online and start applying there are so many websites that have random drawings for scholarship money just so they can use your student's info for marketing purposes. Plus you can find out about all the scholarships ahead of time! I begged Taran all last summer but he didn't really listen much to me. Owell, maybe Timo will listen! What are my chances?

Normal stuff piano, Jr Jazz practice and games, scouts, school... I helped out Monday in Micah and Zane's classes. Fmaily night...PICTUREKA! good times!

Tuesday I went to the temple and did the shopping. Wednesday my visiting teachers came over, ran to Costco and met with the women I am going to NYC to plan our days. We were pretty successful. Hopefully we'll have good weather! That night was New Beginnings which is always nice. Timo had a Jr Jazz game in the middle so Tim had to leave part way through. Micah's team the coach wanted them to go to a Lone Peak basketball game instead of practice so he went with the coach and his sons. He had a great time! Thursday Tim took the kids to the temple. Emily did a name of one of my mom's ancestors. Tim coached the deacons game that after noon.

Friday it was super hero day at school hence the 3 boys as Batman, Nacho Libre and Spiderman. Some of their friends were Jimmer--that was a cool idea, why didn't we think of that? I watched the twins again. They are great playmates for Gwen. Tim came home early and we went on our Valentine's date. We ate at Blue Lemon. He had the special Salmon BLT! I wasn't very hungry so I just got the butternut squash soup--we shared the sweet potato fries. It was delicious! We had a little time before the movie started and so we tried to shop for Micah for his birthday. We were unsuccessful. Then we headed to to the theater which was packed so we are glad we bought our tickets online (no fee). As it was we barely got into the theater before the trailers were over! We saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader. My least favorite of the books but they did a fantastic job!

Saturday was our Stake Women's Conference and they had Janice Kapp Perry speak and the group One Clear Voice perform and share their testimony. I was not feeling great but went anyway because one of my friends called to take me but I wasn't ready but I decided to go and it was WAY better than I thought it would be and some messages spoke straight to my heart. Lunch was yummy too but I took it to go. I had some shopping to do for Izak's class Valentine party, a math thing our school is doing right after I get back from NYC and getting my eyebrows waxed. So I ran around and got home in time to make dinner. I made cupcakes for my Primary class and for the families Tim and Timo hometeach and for Taran's families. Taran had the Sweethearts Dance at the high school--no photos yet. He and his friend Scott made up a crazy movie with their dates for the day date. The dinner was an extension of that but it was casual so they handled it all themselves. I like helping but I wasn't sad to not be a part of it! Timo didn't want to go since only one of his guy friends is 16--and Taran's friend Scott wanted to keep their group to four of them. So unless he gets asked to Spring Fling next month he is probably done for the year--prom is in April and I feel he should save it for his Junior and Senior years and he agrees... but IF some of his friends decide to go since more will be 16 he might!

Today was scout Sunday so Me, Taran, Timo, Izak and Zane were all in our scout uniforms--more than half of us were in uniform. Tim got to pass to sacrament. All the scouts and their leaders sang--me included We'll Bring the World His Truth. It was powerful when we practiced before church, I could barely keep the tears back. Gwen gave a talk today, she is so cute too bad she doesn't talk loud enough for me to really hear her!

I am learning that I have a lot to learn. Not that I thought I knew everything by any means...but I am finding that I must be more compassionate and understanding and less quick to judge--I tend to jump on my kids and I need to be more patient at finding out things. Hormones are a tricky thing that I am learning to handle. Hopefully being a parent won't always make feel like I am an idiot!

Here is a link to a song Janice Kapp Perry shared the lyrics: keeping sheep I tried to find just the words because that's what I really related but this is all I could find, sorry.

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you know you are loved, very much!

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4boyzmdmom said...

Don't be too hard on yourself, Rachelle--you are a great mom! But parenting always seems to be unknown territory, doesn't it?!