Sunday, February 6, 2011

February has begun...

Since I am a month behind on my New Year's Resolutions I did really well this week! That's what I love, we can start over new each day. We don't have give up forever if we make one mistake. I had been trying in January to get my resolutions that I had in mind into my life but for some reason life was managing me, I wasn't managing it! I have a friend who said that she is revamping herself, becoming who she feels she should be. It made me think--are we all trying to revamp ourselves? I think she thinks her's is a major overhaul but I think she is being too hard on herself. To me each week when I take the Sacrament I reflect on my progress--if I can without interruption! But I find this weekly evaluation sets me back on track. But baby steps, when we try to change everything we see wrong we end up overwhelmed and frustrated. So don't give up on your resolutions, most people drop them by the end of February! Remember "line upon line..."

The big news this week was not me but Tim or Timmer as they now call him! He was involved in our Elders Quorum Pinewood Derby. Bless his heart that he has been so busy with work--some nights working from home until 2 AM! And our kids' schedules! He ended up taking Friday off to finish it. In the end he got it figured out but was not overly confident that it would win. But in the end he won again (last time they did it was 6 years ago). As you can tell from the video the rules were only no chemical reaction and it could damage the track, spectators or other vehicles. There were some sweet cars.

I was able to help out in the boys' classes Monday. I took my scouts to the Rec Center for the Tenderfoot fitness test. Timo had a Jr Jazz game that night so he and Tim went. The rest of us were going to go but Timo insisted that we not. His team played well preseason but then they stuck them in a higher division against seniors and juniors so they have lost every game the league said that they are moving them down for the tournament. Hopefully they will have a better experience then they have had. We watched home movies about Timo and Zane since we hadn't done that yet in honor of their birthdays. It was a lot of fun.

Tuesday Zoe came over while her mom went to the temple and then I had a meeting at my friend Linda's. She is in charge of a Math program--like a reading program with them doing a little extra math on their own for so many minutes and they earn prizes==the principal's idea. She needed help and so some of us from the neighborhood came over to help her out. We have some fun idea and we are going with March Math Madness as the theme. If you follow NCAA basketball you know that the big tournament is in March and it's called March Madness. Since the program is set in March this was fun to incorporate. Micah had scouts, they made a crystal garden. Micah had a Jr Jazz game that night and Izak had practice. Emily's got canceled so I did some of my shopping.

Wednesday Gwen had preschool and then playgroup at our house. So before preschool I made sugar cookies--I had promised to make them the next time we had play group. I ran to the dollar store, Costco and Ross before picking up Gwen and friends. I was very efficient! They played and watched a Barbie movie while I made lunch and baked the cookies. Then they frosted them. I am a little OCD about the cookies or wise? I have noticed that when I let them cut them our when they are younger like Gwen they tend to get frustrated because they don't push down hard enough and several other reasons. They enjoyed frosting them, decorating them and eating them (and the frosting by itself! That night Timo and Emily had an early meeting time for YM/YW so we ate early and Tim went to the parent teacher conferences since I was making dinner. Micah had basketball practice and I had a Choir Parent Board Meeting at 8 PM. Taran had stayed home from the activity to work on some homework so he watching the kids since I didn't know Tim was going stay at Micah's practice.

Thursday I had to take Timo to the high school after his ortho appointment. He is mad because he really thought they would be off by now and it sounds like another month--at least! In all fairness his last appointment in January they set a braces off date for the end of the month of February. I ran into to my VT companion. We were going to go this morning but my comp's twins were sick and it wasn't going to work out--hopefully when she gets back from helping her mom we can do it before I leave! I made cinnamon twisty bread from a breadstick recipe I had--yummy! Thursday I went to parent teacher conference for Micah's class. Then I ran to the book fair in the library got a couple. Meanwhile Tm was home early because he had to be in SLC for meetings earlier. So he made pizza--well it was a Little Cesar's kit for 3 whole wheat cheese pizzas we bought as a fundraiser from a neighbor kid. Hence the smiling pepperoni pizza in my collage. I had some Pepperoni from another meal so they put them on like that! I grabbed a bite to eat and went to Roundtable--a monthly scout meeting with our district. Tim got Izak to a service project and his basketball practice.

Tim stayed home to work on his pinewood derby car but actually spent a couple of hours on work stuff! He went to his dad's to cut the block/car to hold his bottle. Stephanie took Emily for a couple of hours to play--people are getting cabin fever! I got some things done then I and went and picked up the twins that I sometimes watch. They played and ate with Gwen. They had a good time. I got more done. Tim and I went to the pinewood derby. Lots of fun and laughs! What great neighbors we have! Tim was pronounced fasted car overall and there were other categories. Some of these guys spent $200 plus! We came home after cleaning up and showed the kids the footage. They were excited about it! After the little kids were in bed, Tim and Emily started watching Batman Begins on Clearplay while I was doing laundry and preparing my lesson. So I came down and watched the end. By then Timo and Taran were home from their activities.

Saturday Tim got a work call early and so we were up! I had to get copies made for my class since the copy machine at the church broke. I also ran to Walmart on the way home. Micah had Jr Jazz basketball practice, Emily and Izak had Jr Jazz games. I went to Emily's and she had about 8 steals and that many points. She is having a lot of fun. She may play competitively with this team this spring, we'll see! Taran went with some friends to hang out with a disabled kid from their school who eats lunch with them--glad he has compassionate friends like that since this is out of his comfort zone. Emily and I went shopping for material for pj bottoms she is going to make for an activity in young womens. After we got done with that we went to dinner at Bajio's (mex grill). She enjoyed the shrimp taco! I had a salad which was yummy! We went to the mall, I wanted to buy a skirt I saw there at Christmas time--yes it took me month to get there! Lucky me they still had it! The traffic was crazy because of the BYU basketball game getting out--they beat UNLV. Jimmer set a record for most points scored in the conference. Once we finished at the mall we went to mom's to get a blouse for Emily to wear for her costume this week in Drama. We visited a little then headed to the Hale Center Theater to see The Foreigner. Tim and I have seen this play several times. It is hilarious! When we knew they were doing it at the Hale we wanted to go. I forgot when tickets went on sale in December so by the time I got online most times we could go to in January were sold out. Emily's drama teacher and her husband (who was Emily's Seussical director last year) were leads so we wanted to see it. I bought these tickets Friday--I got the best seats of 4 left. Any other night was sold out so this was our chance! We loved it and had a great experience! Tim was home with the Gwen and the boys not sure what they did but I know Tim was working on his lesson for today!

Today is Fast Sunday and Taran, Emily and I bore our testimonies. I taught my class and Tim taught Elder's Quorum. Tim is interviewing the kids...I have now updated you on our week! If you made it this far.

Enjoy February! and remember to stick to your resolutions!:)


Steph said...

Fun Pinewood Derby. "Timmer" was AWESOME!!! And yummy cookies!!

Our Family said...

Wow! What a busy life! Great job keeping those resolutions! : )

4boyzmdmom said...

Congrats to Tim! Sounds like you did a lot of fun things this week! Tell Emily I love shrimp in Mexican food.