Monday, January 17, 2011

My dad's 75th birthday...Jr Jazz basketball...concert in the Tabernacle

So I didn't get around to writing on Friday. I have meant to address the Arizona shootings. I have been saddened how people reacted to the situation. Pointing fingers at Sarah Pallin? Tea party people and such. What is that? Are we on a witch hunt folks? Come on...this is craziness. I heard that one of his friends was interviewed by Good Morning America on Thursday or Friday and he said that this guy didn't listen to talk radio and didn't watch TV. He was a very disturbed young man that unfortunately was not getting the mental health help he needed before he hurt others. Apparently he had been taken in to police several times and was kicked out of his JC. I feel terrible for his family they must feel horrible. I feel terrible for those who were injured and those who lost family members such a terrible tragedy. But I feel worse about the media who continues to jump to erroneous conclusions about those who differ in their political or social ideas than them! They are using this tragedy to further their agenda of their hate and repulse for those who hold different views than their own. What have we become a nation of brutes and bullies? The media is suppose to report the news and facts unfortunately that is not the case very much anymore. They have lost their focus and role in our freedom and decided they must influence the public into their ideals is more important than people figuring out their own position themselves after hearing the facts. We must stand up to this bullying in the media, they should be held accountable for being so lame at their job! Okay enough, I feel better now.

Monday my mom came and got Gwen since we weren't sure if Tim's car would start after being covered in snow—okay Tim thought it would but I had my doubts! I went and helped at the school. The heater had been messed up by the power outage on Saturday so the school was cold. The kids wore their coats in class and so did I! By the time I left it was fixed but it just takes time to heat up a school that size! I went to Walmart after for some scout stuff and the check out lady told me that Walmart had to close for 3 hours on Saturday because it blew a transformer (?) when the power went out—it kind of surged so I wonder if that affected everything. Weird!!!! I got quite a bit done since I was alone. Izak had scouts and I had scouts. I did get to talk to Tim's sister Annette for a little bit before I went to scouts. We did a service project for scouts. That night for family night we went to Tim's parents to watch the College Football National Championship: Auburn vs. Oregon. It was a great game even though I was rooting for the ducks and they lost. We got home late.

Tuesday morning Taran and Emily and some friends went to the temple to do baptisms. It was my day to watch Zoe while Stephanie went to the temple. We let Micah and Zane sleep in and Micah actually ended up at school. Zane hung out and was interested in going out to my parents' to have lunch with my dad since it was his birthday. So after Zoe left we picked up lunch and headed to my parents'. Tim met up with us at my parents'. It was nice spending time with him even though it wasn't very long. Unfortunately I forgot my camera. We did not celebrate as a family until Sunday because it was a school night and work schedules. Micah had scouts while Timo and Izak got some cavities filled. Tim had to work late so I took Emily to her jr Jazz practice and Taran picked her up. Then I took Micah to his jr Jazz basketball game, it was fun. They have a great coach and they are doing well. After I got back I got the kids in bed and went shopping. While I was gone Tim called his car was not starting so Timo went and got him. We were all happy for BYU's Men's Basketball team for winning their game against Utah that night. And BYU's star, Jimmer Fredette had 47 points! The kids were listening to the game on the radio.

Wednesday Gwen had preschool and then playgroup. I took her and Zoe to preschool and to their friend Sophie's after. In between I ran to Kohls and spent most of my clothes budget on the kids, things they needed and Kohls gave me a 20% off coupon and great sales! Plus I got Kohl's cash! Awesome! I sound like a commercial, eh? Sometimes you really can score and I am pretty sure I did! I got to go out to lunch with some friends and I got back just as the kids were coming home from school. That is always a nice break. That night I had 2 meetings and Micah had basketball practice all at the same time so I did not go to one meeting and Micah got a ride to basketball. Timo had a junior Jazz game that night so Tim was at that with him and Emily and Taran had the youth combined activity—broom hockey.

Thursday I went visiting teaching. That is always fun. After that I had to pick the twins that I sometimes watch because their regular sitter's kids were sick. Gwen had great fun playing with them. I was actually able to get a bit of extra stuff done while they were here. After dinner I ran to Kohls to exchange Timo's shoes I got him for a larger size. And I returned a shirt I had gotten him for Christmas that smeared in the wash—the lettering. Love how they take back stuff without a fuss! Izak had his jr Jazz practice that night and Tim stayed for it. Timo found out that day they needed him to speak Sunday in church and he was awesome and accepted the assignment. I posted his talk because I thought he did a great job!

Friday I was able to stay home and get stuff done! Gwen painted at the kitchen table while I did laundry and deep cleaned parts of my kitchen—I still have inside of my oven and places like that but I was happy with my progress on what I needed to do. I got all the laundry done and put away—the kids did theirs. Taran had a choir practice at 3 PM-9 PM at AF High School for the district honor choir. They were also hosting Lone Peak in basketball that night too so Taran took Timo and some friends with him. Lone Peak won the Varsity game—Lone Peak is ranked #1 and AF #2 in the state for 5A. It was a huge game that sold out, Timo and his friends BARELY got in! Meanwhile Teresa showed up and had Emily curl her hair and we watch Northhanger Abbey a movie based on a Jane Austen movie. Tim took the little boys to the Utah Flash basketball game, they were losing the whole game and then caught up and tied and went into overtime! After I got Gwen to bed I watched It's A Wonderful Life since I never got around to it during the Christmas season. Taran went to work after his practice! He had to because Saturday he had to practice all day! That day Tim's car got a new starter for free because we just replaced it last August so it was still under warranty. It's nice to have 3 cars again we'll see how long that lasts!

Saturday I got up early and got ready to go to my sister's stake with my mom to hear Sheri Dew speak. It was amazing and I am so glad I went. After that I had my eye brows waxed by my sister's neighbor who does it in her home—she's trying to put her husband through school. I came home in time to fix lunch and go to Izak's basketball Jr Jazz game. It was fun too! Tim worked on the garage door that broke Thursday. It's the main gear for the motor. He took it apart and found that out. So he is going to order the parts he needs. We took Timo and some friends up to the concert Taran was in at the Tabernacle at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. We left at 5:30 PM so we ate at 4:30 PM. We parked far away but it was fine we got there early enough to get good seats—balcony middle and Taran was right there in the middle too. The concert was really good, amazingly good. The sound was incredible in there. But the music would have been a bit boring for the little kids so Emily stayed home with the little kids. After we found Taran we drove him home with us. We stopped at JCWs for a treat but it was dinner for Timo's friends and had I known we would have stopped earlier! I felt so bad! We also brought Emily a shake home. We did some ironing and watched the BYU vs Utah basketball game that my parents had recorded for us.

Sunday Zane woke up not feeling well, he's had a cold for a couple of days. I made him go so I could hear Timo's talk. Tim, Taran, Timo and Emily were also singing in the choir as well! It was a really good meeting. Zane and I walked home. He rested while I did some Family History stuff. We went to my mom's for dinner and to celebrate my dad's 75th birthday. It was yummy and fun! My dad asked that we not buy him something but do some Family History instead. My mom had us compile what we did and put it in a book. We had the little kids draw what their favorite memories with my dad were. For example Gwen drew a gyser and some people and it was her with my parents at Yellowstone! My brother videos my dad telling stories and us telling stories about my dad. That was hilarious! Anyway, we got home late that is why I didn't post yesterday.

Today I took my scouts snowshoeing and we invited the WEBELOS to come too. So Izak came and Tim too. We went to Tibble Fork up AF Canyon. It was a beautiful day and we had a good time. Now I must go make dinner!


Steph said...

You're so good at journaling your life. And even better at keeping up with all thats on your plate!!!

4boyzmdmom said...

Amen to your thoughts about the media!

You are one busy lady! Your kids are so lucky to have a mom that keeps up with and is involved in all their activities!

RAQ said...

thanks! I can really only do it because I am married to Tim, he is so great I would never be able to do half of what I do without him!

The Cranes said...

About your comment, You two make a great team! That sounds like a great idea for your dad's birthday. And I also agree with your thoughts on the media! Hope to see you soon, it's been too long. But things are busy, as always!