Sunday, January 9, 2011

The first week of the 2011 is over!

So this is pathetic! The only photo I took this week was of Timo getting asked to Preference...

Monday we were all sad to have school start up especially since the weather was FREEZING. I am not sure if the temperatures broke 32 degrees this week ever! It wasn't good sledding weather because the snow was so hard. The cold did not deter our boys from trying to play football and basketball outside! Some days were better and they lasted longer but our Foosball table came in very handy as did the Nerf hoops we have in the playroom! I went to the school and helped out. Tim got to stay home since he had that day off. This had many benefits...he watched Gwen and I my mom could recover from last week. He could help put the Christmas stuff away. I enjoyed having around for 2 weeks! Too bad he can't retire! I had scouts, Izak had scouts, Timo had another class presentation meeting and Taran had work. Timo also had basketball practice. That night for family night we set goals for the new year and had refreshments. Although I was too busy helping the others to actually do mine! Taran remembered he had to present a solo for his Chamber Choir class assignment on Wednesday so he scrambled to find a song he liked--Tim stayed up late helping him find one. Too bad he never remembered over the 2 week break about this! Timo practiced his presentation (this group one he's been meeting with all this time) with me and he did a good job.

Tuesday Timo had to be early to meet with his group, for the last time. He drove himself--how nice! They got an A on their presentation--they deserved it! Tim drove Taran to school later. Then we dropped Gwen off at my friend Stephanie's. I dropped Tim off at work and went to the temple. It was so nice! Stephanie had taken Gwen to her parents' to get fresh eggs. She enjoyed that! I was able to get some scout stuff done, we were having our orientation meeting today and there was a lot to get ready. I had gotten some copies and things done but still seemed to have a lot to do. I also wanted to finished getting all the Christmas stuff put away! It seems like it takes for ever to get it all put back! Even today I found a random ornament holder--it's a pretty 'S' shape but it slips off easily. I never found the 2 wooden sheep to one of our nativities that Gwen lost a couple of years ago! Micah had scouts that afternoon and they got to bring a favorite song and he said that everyone loved it! BTW it was Secret Crowds by Angels and Airwaves. Older brothers are very influential no Disney pop stuff over here! Emily had basketball practice for Jr Jazz. She is on a team of 8th graders. They are pretty good and she likes it even though she doesn't have any close friends on the team. Tim had a game that night as well and they won by forfeit. I did some shopping that night.

Wednesday I had a dentist appointment for that tooth that the y chipped off when they were cleaning it. It didn't take long. Tim had gotten a ride to work (his car was still out). We had decided to get together to have lunch and pick a frame for the painting I got from my mom for Christmas (Minerva Teichert's Christ in a red robe). We went to Hobby Lobby and found a pretty one for a good price. We went out to Fuddrucker's for lunch and split a meal. That was a good choice since we were both stuffed in the end! We had a hamburger, onion rings and a strawberry shake. I dropped him off and went home, I actually went to pick up Gwen first then we went home--it was Stephanie's turn to have the playgroup. After I got the kids stuff done--homework and practicing the piano I went a did a little more shopping--I was more organized this time! Micah had basketball practice and Timo had basketball game. Timo's team lost unfortunately. Taran went to YM and Emily went to YW. Taran and some of his friends studied for AP Lit. We went to bed before they were done.

Thursday I had woke up at 2 PM with my nose dripping like a faucet. I took some Nyquil and eventually went back to sleep. I got up with everyone and then went back to bed once they were gone to school and Gwen watched PBS kids! I was suppose to go VT and my visiting teachers were suppose to come. I called and told them I better not. It was a good move. Tim worked from home then left at lunch time. I took airborn and dayquil so I was feeling much better after resting and being medicated. Gwen's friend Sophie came over for about an hour to play while her mom ran to the hospital to visit her mom. Then Gwen had a birthday gathering for her friend Natali--it was just a little non-official party but they had cake and ice cream and played. That also gave me a break. My friend Merrily brought us dinner which was so nice because while the kids were playing with friends I rested on my bed instead of making dinner. It was good too! I was suppose to go to Roundtable but I wasn't quite up to that. Tim had Elders Quorum stuff that night.

Friday my friend needed me to watch her twin 5 year olds since she got called into work (the nurse I help). Luckily I was feeling so much better. Stephanie needed Zoe to come over while she visit taught. So we had a lot of fun over here! It was nice because I was able to get some things done with out feeling like I was ignoring Gwen. Taran had a surprise birthday party for his friend Sara after work. Timo went to the Lone Peak basketball game. He drove. Tim got the 3 Amigos before Christmas and wanted to show the little kids... they loved it! I worked on scout stuff and finished up my lesson for Sunday. Just after Timo left for the game he got asked to Preference, a fancy girl's choice like the Prom. So that's my photo for the week, him deciphering it. He is flattered. She is a cool girl not too girly and likes the Jazz, a lot. Her only downside is that she is a Ute fan. She comes from a great family. He went to her birthday party in December and she came to his White Elephant Christmas party so we met her. Anyway, I was tortured until he came home and he figured out the poem and stuff. Each word was on a piece of play money:
Roses are red,'
Violets are blue,
This Rose (her last name) wants to go to Preference with YOU!
Her name was on the coins. The bag that held them all had: TIMO I will pay you to go to Preference with me!
Good times!

Saturday Emily had a leadership training at 7 AM. Her leader took her so that was nice! Taran had an AP Lit practice test at 8 AM, he said that he didn't cry even though he felt like it! Micah had basketball practice at 10:45 AM, Timo had a church ball game at 11 AM. Tim had to coach it. Taran showed up at the end and they ended up winning--they had been losing pretty bad all along. Timo left soon after for the BYU vs Air Force Basketball Game with some friends. Charl and Katie came over with their kids and took turns going to the temple. The kids had fun playing and I enjoyed visiting. Taran took Emily to her game at 1:30 PM and Tim went to Izak's game at the same time but different place. Emily's game ended early because the power went out--I called and they said it was out in Cedar Hills, Pleasant Grove and some surrounding Areas and it would be back on by 5 PM! It came back on sometime around 4 PM--I think. Emily's team was winning pretty easily and so did Izak's team. We'll see how Micah's team does Tuesday! I made dinner when Charl and Katie left and then went shopping one more time. I needed to get stuff for Timo's answer to the dance. He put Y E S on gold chocolate coins. We put extra in it so it wasn't obvious and used the same bag she put his stuff in. His note read: Your name is Rose,
Mine name is Pew,
I say ___ to Preference with you!
The answer is in the bag.

After he got back from the game we got it figured out. Then after dinner he and Emily took it over. BTW Taran is going but his date just asked him on the phone, novel idea, eh? Tim and the little kids played games then we put them to bed. Tim, Emily, Timo and I watched Pure Luck. Taran went to another birthday party with some of his friends. I was up late working on my slideshow. I would watch the movie some then check the computer, then go I waited for different things! Crazy! And then I forgot to use it in the end!

Sunday I got up early to get dinner in the crockpot. Then I studied my scriptures and the Conference Ensign I only have one talk left and I have read the whole thing. I am sort of sad, I love reading it. I am glad they have lessons from it so I can re-read them. I helped Zane with his talk, Tim had Elders Quorum stuff, and Emily had Beehive Presidency meeting. It was bitter cold and it had snowed. Tim drove because he had a box of pinewood derby cars to distribute--the Elders are having a competition in February! Sacrament meeting was great, we had our dear Lizzie back from England speaking--missionary. It sounds like she had a great experience. I taught this week, I felt rushed I need a clock! After church I had to get ready for our 11 yr old Scout Orientation. At the beginning of each year we invite all the new scouts and their parents. We explain the program, give them a binder with helps and let them ask questions. Everyone seems to appreciate it! It went well and I am excited Izak will be in my group this year! Tim and the kids were great helps getting ready, The older kids left for choir when it started . Izak and Micah had children's choir at 2:30 PM. After the meeting we had a few dinner preparations left. The kids got out one of my Christmas presents--home movies that are now on DVD. Tim got a bunch put on DVD for me and they have loved watching them. I have only seen bits and pieces of some. I am hoping to see them some day!
So there you go! I am hoping to get a better start this week on my New Year's Resolutions! I hope you are doing well on yours! Tim just told me a goal he accomplished last year: Not watch NASCAR. Can you tell he isn't into goal setting? At least he's funny!

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4boyzmdmom said...

I am more than pathetic...I don't take any photos a lot of weeks!

I have not set any goals for the new year yet...I guess I am related to Tim! Actually, I usually set goals--just haven't had time to think about it yet this year.