Friday, January 28, 2011

Freedom Friday

Here is an article about the debt limit our congress needs to decide if they are going to raise it or keep it...I don't know about you but I am concerned about the national debt. We are looking at the death of the dollar and inflation. I feel like I can barely feed my family as it is, we may be on crackers and peanut butter by the end of the year. We are headed for difficult times NO MATTER what BUT we can just make it worse by spending ourselves into oblivion or take our medicine now and tighten our belts and do better. Daily I hear about the waste that goes on with government spending. It is shameful. We all have a hand in the blame, I admit I was just living life and not worrying about what was going on. Well, not anymore and I hope we can put the pressure on our congress to stop spending, cut spending and manage what they do get a lot better! Check out this article and more about how we cut government spending.

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