Sunday, October 10, 2010

Louw Reunion: Day 2 Jackson and Jenny Lake

So our second day we left Kimmerer, Wyoming and met up with my brother Charl and his family in Jackson at the McDonald's there. The drive was gorgeous through the beautiful rugged Wyoming landscape. We took a short break by the Snake River just outside of Jackson because Taran and Timo had whitewater rafted that area earlier in the summer. They talked about it and showed us, pretty amazing place to go. They said that the whitewater was a lot higher when they came in June. They said that they had passed the place where we were stopped. They really enjoyed that experience--a good thing about scouts it exposes them to things we may never do with them. From McDonalds in Jackson we went to Teton National Park, amazingly beautiful!!! We went to Jenny Lake and took the ferry to the other side and hiked to Hidden Falls. More amazing beauty! Gwen was a great hiker but it wore her out as you can see in the collage. Zane was nervous about the boat ride but in the end he loved it and wanted to do it again! Later we checked in to our condo in Jackson Hole resort. We had a quick meal and then Charl drove us to Smiths in Jackson to get food for the rest of the week and I realized I needed my swim suit. I found a pair of mens swim shorts to wear and a t-shirt. I am sure if we went to a boutique I could have found one but I had bought an expensive suit already and didn't want another! I just wanted something to wear at the Firehole. In the end I shouldn't have worried because I didn't get in the Firehole! Owell, the condo was a beautiful place with plenty of room for 19 of us! We had access to a pool area with lots of pools, and a tennis court. It's just too bad it was so far from Yellowstone.


Lillybet said...

Yep, I was born in Afton, Wyo and the Elk horn arch will be indellibly implanted in my brain forever. Also, did you really mean to say you went to Glacier National Park? That is in Northern Montana. That would have been a quick trip?

RAQ said...

oops you are right! I changed it to Teton thanks!

4boyzmdmom said...

Beautiful pictures. Sounds like so much fun!