Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 19th Anniversary To Us!

Today, 19 years ago we were married in Manti, Utah in the LDS Temple there. We went the night before and stayed in the Manti Hotel with our family and some friends! We played games until bed time. My brother Keith was the only sibling that couldn't come in the temple, he was only 17. We had such a great experience with our family and friends who were able to come--my college friend Terilynne surprised me with her presence in the Bridal Dressing room--all the way from Virginia! It was a great day. I am grateful for how well things went that day and that the weather cooperated. My mom's friends set up tables and decorated the backyard for the reception. Our colors were navy and white and I had daisies for my flowers--my favorites! Today I feel even more lucky than I did then for Tim because of the great husband and father he is. The girls from his high school missed out! I am ever grateful for he is a great friend to endure the lows of life we experience and enjoy the many adventures we face with a lot of laughing as well. I would be forever grateful if our sons turned out to be half as good as him and our daughters found men equal to his integrity to marry.

Because we have an extended family party tonight we celebrated by going out to eat last night at a pizza place and catching a movie afterward Eclipse--which turned out to be pretty good. Then we went to Cold Stone for dessert...yummy! Our kids were great while we were gone so we came home to peace instead of chaos! What a great way to celebrate 19 years! I am amazed and wonder how did time pass so quickly! There is some good and bad to that! But today I feel really grateful!


Kerri said...

congrates!! i love that picture too!

4boyzmdmom said...

Haha..I remember how you smeared cake all over each other's awesome! Congrats on 19 great years!