Friday, April 16, 2010

Freedom Friday

I just got this youtube video from my mom. I watched it but it is very poor quality. I tried to find a better version but I can't find one so please watch it anyway. I am wondering why I have NEVER heard of this guy. I am sure the media is afraid of him! Here is an little summary that came with the video. "Below is a video clip of a speech given by Lt.Col. (retd) Allen West who served as a commander in Iraq, and talking about Islam. Listen to this man, and scroll barely down under his speaking platform, where you will not find his words printed on the screen as he speaks. This man put Barack Hussein Obama, some of our leaders, politicians and the media to shame in his speech and never called any by name. You will probably listen to it more than once."Allen West speech
People need to get behind this guy in Florida.


The Cranes said...

Is there a link somewhere I'm missing?

RAQ said...

click on the green words at the end that say Speech